Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You Have One Unread Message.

List 10 Friends
1. Jamie Carreon
2. Denise Sison
3. Mel Mercado
4. Nicole Galang
5. Frances de Guzman
6. Carla Lugue
7. Jesson Montes
8. Arysse Sanvicente
9. Eur Punzalan
10. Angeline Lee

1. If you were to pick a color to describe 3, what would it be and why?:
She's the man!

2. How many times a week do you see friend 9?:
Five times a week or maybe 6.

3. What is 1's favorite food?:
One are those Jamaican patties.

4. Are any of these friends your significant other? Who?:
(Sharing: our Teenstar handouts said that "significant others"
are actually the partner in adultery. Haha, whatevr.)

5. Which friend have you known the longest? The shortest?:
Longest: Ma. Arysse Cyril Caluncaguin Sanvicente :>
Shortest: Jesson Montes

6. Does friend 8 have acne?:
No. She's flawless.

7. Have you ever gotten drunk with 7 or 4?:
I don't get drunk with friends :)

8. Do any of these friends smoke?:

9. Have you had a crush on any of your friends?:
No, I don't.

10. What is your favorite thing about number 2?:
She's hot, man, 'cause she's white. =))

11. What sports does 10 play?:

12. How old is 5?:
Sixteen going on seventeen.

13. What pisses you off about 6?:
Sa'kin na lang yun.

14. Have you kissed any of these friends? Who?:
1, 3, 4, 8 & 9 :)

15. Which one of these friends are more optimistic?:
It'd be Eur.

16. Which one is the most pessimistic?:
4, kind of.

17. Is friend number 7 too nice for their own good?:
We're not actually that "close."

18. Does number 9 spend too much time on Facebook?:
No. She does Multiply most of the time.

19. Does 8 ever make fun of you?:
They all do :(

20. Have you ever gone to the mall with 4?:
Lots of times.

21. If you were upset, would number 1 come over to cheer you up?:
No, really.

22. Which one of these friends watches too much TV?:

23. Is number 10 a very considerate person?:
Very much.

24. Is 5 attractive?:
YES! :">
Boy na boy.

25. Does number 6 have a great fashion sense?:

So, okay. I am bored today.
We didn't have any classes because of the NAT thing and my mother didn't allow me to go swim with my super friends at BF a while ago. Her main reason was that "graduation's coming up." WTH? Do you get my point. How can actually going out too much be connected to the graduation? Our teacher even said that we shouldn't do gimmicks before grad which is on the 28th. I was kind of disappointed for I was the one who planned the whole thing out and then I couldn't go. :( There's "always" a next time anyway... maybe after 2 years.

What did I do the whole day? I watched Asian dramas and checked on Multiply, Facebook, Plurk, Tumblr and youtube. Plurk hasn't been in good terms with me lately; it kept on saying that there's maintenance thing from 15:20 up to now. Hah, I haven't been too much productive. I've watched Kimi wa Petto (You are my Pet or something like that), 200 Pounds Beauty (I cried HARD. The lead was too good!) and Boys Before Flowers' Episode 19 (best episode ever! I loved the "bonding" time they had). SoEul :">

Today's Francis M's burial. Yeah, I'm still surprised of how he died too early but I... no, we all know he's already happy there with God.

And oh, I'd like to quote a part of Ate MiSu's comment:

Macau?? I wanna go there. Hahaha!! why not go to Japan instead? But I suggest Thailand though cause I can like tell you where to go and stuff like that. But you made your decision na. And besides, what if you see the BOF cast there? ;)

Oo nga naman. :)) You see, I think I couldn't go to Japan to "see" Matsujun and the Hana Yori Dango cast there because I don't have my visa yet. Second, I wasn't too much yet addicted to Meteor Garden when it was popular back those days. Kaya naman Boys Before Flowers na lang gusto kong makita. And besides, it would be a very perfect gift for me on my birthday.

(I hope you'd send me e-mails or cards on that day.)

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