Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday the 27th.

I'm sitting here in front of the laptop since 7:30 AM, 4 hours approximately. I've done some things already but really, all I did was watch and watch Korean movies. I have finished My Sassy Girl & Windstruck already. And now, I'm about to watch Tale of Two Sisters. I did some song downloading: My Sassy Girl's soundtrack, Avril Lavigne's three albums, Mandy Moore's So Real and Lily Allen's debut album that's why it's kind of slow when the laptop's loading but it's worth it you know?

Jeon Ji-Hyun is now my idol :D Next? Daisy and Il Mare!

The "Girl Big Bang" is about to debut on the 29th. Yep, on Sunday already! Watch the video and know what I'm talking about :D If you might have known, Sandara Park's there along with other three ladies and Big Bang (OMG). I'm sure she knows how lucky she is aside from the fact that she had kissed T.O.P of BB already in Gummy's vid.

Moving on, tomorrow's our graduation already and I'm happy that our teachers allowed us to take this day off. Don't worry, we won't disappoint you. I am so gonna miss everybody so I'm gonna write some words in here for them people. But first, let me congratulate our very own SHS Pep Squad for making our country proud \:D/ (You might have seen this in 24 Oras last night but I'm posting this for my own's sake. I didn't watch it eh. :P)

HAHA NICE. Di ka na baby. :-j


1. God

Thank you! Thank you! There's no other words to express how much I am grateful of all the blessings you have given me and look, I'm going to graduate already! Thanks for guiding me throughout the years and never letting me fall into those stupid circumstances wherein others had to experience it. You already know all the things I wanna say and you know there's so much of it.

2. Mama & Papa

Of course! Binayaran niyo tuition ko and all that. Besides that, there are so much you've given me: the love and care. My whole life is not enough to pay all those but I promise magiging valedictorian ako sa college! HAHAHA. So help me, God.

3. Bayanihan

My fourth year section. This isn't the best but this section is one of the best! I'm sure I'm gonna miss you all! Kahit na, inaalipusta niyo lang ako. HAHAHA. Kidding.

Gladys, Rita, Joanne, Babz, Gil, Bana, Japs, Marielle, Bea, Denise, Liaa, Hope, Mars, Jamie, Cy, Jec, Filane, Heidel, Charie, Kadors, Iam, Nixie, Milaine, Isabelle, Lois, Jaen, Kate, Mel, Julie, Anna M., Danielle, Mara O., Nice, Michelle, Gela, Ace, Jami, Ayeza, Elva, Denden, Aly, Patty, Leah, Dani, Bianca, Maika & Alex:

You all made me laugh and I thank you for that. I'll cherish our times forever.

4. Jamie, Denden, Agie, Tamtam, Carla, Camille, Giannina and my other Biyaya friends

HAH. At least we remained strong and steadfast WTF? :)) Thank you for all the things I've learned through you. I know we'll be facing new opportunities this time when we enter our colleges and we have to do these in our separate ways. May we not forget each other as we walk towards the future. Let's be the best that all we can be, friends!

5. Batch IX

My fulltime batch since I was in Prep A in SHSQC. The times were fun. Let's see each other again in... let me think, in the next 25 years? But hey, reunion please?

I don't --and other batchmates say so-- want parties wherein people are like animals-who-act-like-whores. Wala, malandi lang talagang tignan eh and besides some aren't born to party like real party people do. And! I'm not saying that I'm a party person.

That's all. I felt lazy again when I finished typing the things I wanna say to my parents. I'd love to make it longer but... eh, wag na. HAHA. So yeah, I'm gonna continue to watch Tale of Two Sisters already! :)

Congratulations, BATCH 2009!


Anonymous said...! it's your graduation already. :D I know you'll miss a lot of people.

goodluck on your college life!

happy graduation and congratulations!

take care & God Bless! :D

jue said...

wow, i saw the video, and they're great!
happpy graduation!

Ishna Probinsyana said...

Jeon Ji-Hyun, sya yung second na naging girl crush ko na Korean. HAHA. Watch WHite Valentine too. Baka magustuhan mo. :)

Yeees! Excited na ako for Sandara! I really like her. Ganda ng video. Yay for her!

Congrats, Frances. And good luck na din!

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