Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just came from a battle.

Fact: I’ve wanted more to post in my blog ever since I’ve discovered Live Writer.

Today was a no-school day for me since Physics Lab is all over for me… all sciences, at least, except for Physics Lecture. On another note, though, tomorrow until Wednesday is the finals week for our university. And there’s another test for me. I have really high hopes for this one simply because, as of the present, I’ve wanted it more than anything else. Please pray for me as well as Japan that needs more than prayers right now :(

There was this segment in 24 Oras where they showed Japanese citizens talking to each other on the two sides of a glass for the fear of transmitting the effects of radiation (such as thyroid cancer) for those who were affected (source: my father). I know each one of us is heartbroken for what is happening with Japan however, it’s sad that not all of us can contribute for their welfare for various reasons: financial incapability, geographical issues and such. The world is in a traumatizing state today. The thing, though is, to keep ourselves on a bright side and the fact that everyone must keep moving not only for personal purposes but for others’ future too.

So, poshprobinsyana. What I meant was, Ate Ishna tagged me in her post! It’s about a handwriting thing I never had the chance to do so I’m taking this while my eyes are still glued on the computer. And yes, I tagged, in return, a few more people! :D

Lastly, what's with the title? I just came from a battle with the viruses. Computer viruses. I need not explain why but I will, anyway... in the next 10 years. K :))


ishna said...

Yay! Thanks for doing this! I love your handwriting. So neat!

Good luck with the exchange program. I really hope you get it.

*Googline Live Writer now*

Ar-Ar said...

and since Ishna also tagged me,I also have to do this sort! U have a very nice penmanship! goodluck to mine!

Christina said...

Finally had the time to visit your blog! I'll do this over the weekend! :)

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