Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Second Death

Months before, one of my friends tweeted me about having a Super Show III: Manila. I know you could guess my expression and what I exactly felt by then. Giddy, happy and at the same time determined to reach a whooping P10,000 for a VVIP seat. Some of you, though, thinks that it’s too much to spend for a three-hour concert. It was also the reason why I’m kind of not open to tell anyone about this fact because it’s either they comment “Ang yaman!” (which, of course, is a total false statement. I had to enormously hunger myself and avoid eating what I want in school) or “Grabe! Sobra naman!” (yes, that’s how I love this 13-3+2 all-boy Korean group). Nonetheless, I think the three hours was completely worth the wait!

Since words are less these days, here are photos from the concert itself. It was really nice to hear nice feedbacks from the people who see your photos regardless if they’re only interested about the boys’ pictures or if they actually like them. But, yes, thank you again! :) (I had to resize all photos XD)


1 comment:

ishna said...

Grabeee.Kainggit! ANg galing mo mag ipon. :)

I love your photos. Sobra.

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