Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ugh, stop.

For the millionth time, I've been asked, "are you on a diet?"

Well, here's to you, future person who's gonna ask the same question. Yes, I am absolutely on a diet, a healthy diet. Not those slimming diets, mind you. I can barely put myself into restriction when it comes to bread. Also, I'd love to clarify, that for some reason I grew tired of eating rice. "Impossible! Is there even such a thing?" Apparently, yes, considering I'm a person who easily gets tired of things when I've already gotten much of it. And, eating rice just doesn't give me a good feeling anymore for some reason I won't elaborate more in here. Although if you're so curious why, ask those who I've talked it to about: my friends.

Am I anorexic? No, I am not. I still eat as much as I can but I can get pretty irritable when I am not able to eat something healthy during a meal. These healthy stuff range from my growing love for vegetables and fruits to seafood viands and a partial amount of meat. And I love drinking tea: green and ginger teas. I still eat chocolates, cakes and other sweets once in a while; as much as possible, I avoid eating processed meat except when I actually crave for them.

Plus, I'm on a school stress "battle" recently.

I just had to let these off. It's getting too much of an annoying topic recently since I'm not a fan of repetitive questions. Alright, this should probably it.

I want a salad.

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