Thursday, April 15, 2010

It Lived Up To Its Name: Super Show!

The highlight of my 2010, the Super Show II in Manila but still, too bad the other members (Kibum, Hankyung and Kangin) weren't there.

Excuse me while I spaz about these pretty guys.

First, when I bought my ticket, I though standing left was the best but thanks to my friend who adviced that I should go with them in the svip center, I felt less tired after the concert. The organizers also said that they're gonna be so strict with cameras but wth, I had a great time capturing every moment of it!

When I was dropped by Araneta by my parents around 3:30 PM, there was already a really long line, it even reached the roadside, of girls outside the venue. I decided to go to Gateway to meet the people I'm gonna be with during the concert and when I thought this might be really awkward to be with them at that time because the two of them were good friends and I might get out of place, I just went down to Araneta to get the baller I ordered near Starbucks.

The best part though aside from the concert itself was that I got to meet three of my online buddies: Clarence, Ate Tin and Ate Merie. Clarence, I must say, is really tall (HAHAHA, yun talaga eh) and nice since he got to call me out first in the jam-packed place. And there was Ate Tin and Ate Merie who were really funny and nice to be with. They're really sabaw =)) Anyway, there was Alice, the SJ-world president... I wouldn't recognize her 'til Ate Merie told me. She's pretty, imo. Okay, so when it was 15 minutes to 5, I returned to meeting up my friends and then we first ate at Taco Bell (again!).

fast forward...

I felt really awkward in my seat during the concert 'cause I was seating beside two spoiled-looking kids and I was seated far from my friends but wth, that was still one heck of a concert!
  • The leader, Leeteuk, is so far the cutest. Though it never really left my mind that he's too old for me. Hahaha!
  • Eunhyuk didn't fail me. He so coool especially when he's dancing ♥
Eunhyuk during Shining Star and Haengbok.
  • Siwon has a great bod, really but I'll leave Ate Merie to spaz about that. Hahaha!
  • Kyuhyun's handsome, okay...
  • ... but Yesung beats him with that. HAHAHA. Shit, ang gwapo niya =)) New bias. Move over, Kibum. Haha, I'm kidding.
  • Plus, there's Ryeowook. The KRY had fucking good voices! Well, of course.
Über sweet Ryeowok and Yesung :">

  • Sungmin mesmerized me with that piano talent of his ♥>
  • Well, speaking of fat, "ANO BA YAN?!?!?!" Shindong made my night with his introduction.
  • Heechul's still the hottest of them, of course. I don't need to explain that.
Super Junior-M singing Blue Tomorrow
  • Ok, who would've thought that I actually forgot Donghae here. I first thought of Henry and Zhoumi before him. Hahaha! He's so taken by MANY fans so I wouldn't bother but he's woah :">
Heechul during his solo
  • Zhoumi looked kinda physically gay, for me. I'm sorry. But yes, he did have those manly features and a really great voice.
  • Henry's moves were hot especially when he got to play the violin :">
After the concert, we even decided to go to Edsa Shang and follow their van around but, but its driver got through EDSA really fast but yeah, they were still in the hotel by that time... contrary to what most people know that they're going straight to airport.

The best concert! :D I'm stoked for the next Super Show here in Manila. I just wish they're gonna bring Kibum and Kangin with them.. and there'll be Hankyung's special appearance.

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