Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stuff of a no-life

1 Another book I'm going to read: "Rant" by Chuck Palanhuik. I already started reading it but I never got to finish it 'cause it kinda bored me. That's why I'll try to read it for the second time just in case I'll get to like it this time.

2 My "I-was-supposed-to-get-that-coffee-planner-but-I got-fat/broke-on-the-10th-frappe" (phew!) planner. I chose this over the Starbucks mainly because it's cheaper and it's got a more casual feel in it.

3 Staedtler colored pens are the best ever. It always goes with my planner. I got this from a good friend last last Christmas and 'til now, I'm grateful for her for buying it!

4 The bookmark I'm always using when I read books and was from another good friend. She gave me this during my last birthday.

5 I treat this Egg pouch as my wallet. I'm using this since it's more handy than a usual wallet.

6 (Name: Morris) My "new" cellphone. My phone got lost 3 days before my birthday so I had to bear with this one before I can get my dream phone which is a SoftBank one.

7 (Name: Amber) Nikon Coolpix P100. Now can anyone tell me, is this actually a DSLR? I'd love to join this photography workshop in San Juan this summer if it is one :3 Anyway, my parents bought me this during our last trip to Singapore and it's much, much cheaper than the ones here in the Philippines.

8 And, lastly. (Name: George) My iPod! This one, I cannot live without. 'nuf said.

I just wanted to share the things that make my life bearable this summer. Oh, let me correct that. They're my life this summer.

PS: Please excuse my bed cover right thur~~


Can't wait! 4집 대박!!
cr: pinefirshines


Kaisa said...

Hello ate frances!

I want your camera! Or whatever new camera that fairly looks like DSLR. Hahahahahahaha kidding! My camera's been falling apart already. :( And I feel bad about your lost phone. Oh well, at least you'll get a new one soon. :)

Chiburger said...

ahahah i can see you're a kpop fan too.

4집대박!!! 맞아요. ㅎ ;)

iSHMOi said...

Gotta love the new camera Frances! :)

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