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KyuSiHyuk in Manila Fan Account 2011

Disclaimer: This post is about my sole, "strongest" fandom in the KPop arena: Super Junior. Read if you must! :)

2011 was undoubtedly an unforgettable year for many of us. Endless opportunities, disappointments and regrets were sure part of it but was it only last year that we had the same hopes and dreams to accomplish in the future? Was it also around last year that many of us made resolutions which we promise to strive hard for?

2011 is what we can now call... "a year that was".

For the very first day of January, my family and I visited my grandparents at the Manila Memorial Park and had some "chill" time around the place. Fast forward to arriving home, my Twitter timeline was flooded with KPop fans spazzing about Siwon coming here in the Philippines. Even @PublicityAsia was able to make some noise by making ELFs (Super Junior fans) speculate if Siwon's going to be the next Penshoppe model next to Ed Westwick and Mario Maurer. This didn't bring about a good effect, though. Anyway, I was enthralled by the thought of the huge possibility of Siwon actually coming here after I read his tweet about coming to Manila:

It was all really sudden that my heart skipped a beat. Seriously. Nobody could believe it at first either. One of my friends from Daily KPop News tweeted if anyone could search of the departure schedule in the Incheon airport's website to see if any of the flights was directly to Manila. Blaming my curiosity and want to confirm this, I immediately consulted everyone's best friend, Google. Yep, there's a flight to Manila and it's just in time compared to Siwon's tweet. It was confirmed, he was to fly here for some agenda. What? No one knew. With whom? No one knew either.

Rumors went on as long as I can remember:

a. there are 3 members who were to come here --- Siwon himself, Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk
b. after an hour, there are 4 --- the three mentioned above plus their leader, Leeteuk.
c. Siwon and Vice Ganda will be both in Showtime (to this, I think this made a huge buzz because of a supposed to be troll tweet or maybe something else)

d. Siwon would be advertising for Penshoppe. ELFs were so much pissed at this giving them either hope or disappointment. You figure out why.
e. After the news of Eunhyuk leaving for Korea last night for his musical, FAME, rumors started about Sungmin and Leeteuk coming here (was it Leeteuk?)


Then again, it was only the first one which was true. Only Siwon, Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk were the ones who made it here.

Upon arriving at the airport, he tweeted a photo of the very much embarrassing arrival area of NAIA. Parang dugo't pawis ang pagpila diyan ah! Other fans also expressed embarrassment of the same thing.

As soon as I woke up, I checked my Twitter for any updates and much to my surprise (again! Life's too full of surprises eh?), he tweeted a photo of their hotel view which I guessed was POEA but I guess I was wrong after reading other people's statuses. It was in Makati, though. One post said it was at some place called Fraser Place near Makati Shangri-la. Anyway, after a while, he posted yet another Twitter status that they were at Orchard Road Metro Manila. Guess what my reaction was? Here goes... "what the fu... may Orchard Road sa Pilipinas?" and I searched Google for it. Much to my surprise, there it is! In Eastwood! Eastwood! A jeepney ride away from my place! HAH! Pero wait, tinatamad ako. The feeling I had was my usual "gusto-kong-gawin-pero-tinatamad-ako" however, the former part played its role right and made me go straight to Eastwood as early as 9AM. Tamang lakwatsa lang. Haha. Based from the photo, I deciphered it was in City Walk 2 and made the cab (I had no time to ride a jeepney!) go straight there.

I walked as fast as I could. I made sure I wouldn't look like a fangirl (based from experience) as I brought a large bag with me.... and even brought my school readings! I expected that there wouldn't be more than 10 people in the area but man, I was wrong. However, I felt glad I was one of those people who first encountered them during the day!

When I finally found a place "comfortable" enough to see them, I wasn't able to see them at first but when these girls gave that screeching-ish sound, I knew they were coming out! My hands were shaking, I can't stand still and my heart's just blah. Although they weren't complete, seeing them three was already an accomplishment. I still wish SS4 would be a dream come true for every Filipino ELF. 

I swear seeing them outside the concert arena was different! I wasn't very fond of Siwon but when I saw him like a hundred meters away from me, shocks, ang gwapo mo pala. And he was espasol white! Dang, you do really look like a big company's CEO. You should've ditched that chef uniform. Haha, I'm kidding.

There was Eunhyuk. I didn't get to see him at first but knowing that he was with them, I searched for him and there he was! Hyuk actually looked liked a kid for me but he looked tired :( And in between takes of their chicken dance which I was able to memorize after too many repetitions, he cutely dance f(x)'s Hot Summer... or his choreo for FAME. His body wave was...!!!

Kyuhyun! Kyuhyun seriously looked the most tired of them three. Or sleepy at the very least. Fans were waving at him but still, he's too cute :)

These photos, I still stare in disbelief. I can't believe I actually saw them again! On the emotional side, I feel like crying for this opportunity, that these guys made my Christmas break worthwhile. It was like one in a million chances that they would go here but there they were, right before my eyes, filming their KyoChon Chicken CF. I may have not been able to touch them or even hug them, the sight of them contents my heart the most. That's what I think matters the most. I feel lucky :)

To the accounts who have posted these in their respective pages with proper credits, thank you so much for doing so! It's most highly appreciated and encourages me to strengthen my stalking skills. (HAHAHA forthelulz)

PS: If I manage to remember anything else, I'll edit! :)
PPS: As for people who might take notice of grammatical errors, labyu.

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