Friday, December 31, 2010

Some of the very random emotional thoughts

In less than three hours, everything that happened in 2010 will only be found with memories.

The year 2010 was not a very ordinary time for me. There was an endless list of debut party invitations and sleepless nights for programming project among others. There were also decisions that has changed some things in me and opportunities that came along the way. Was it easy? No. Still, consequences that were considered and I was not one of the very few people who can weigh the pros and cons enough to not regret what I have said and done.

In this post will be the first time I shall pour my feelings out, the feelings of gratitude towards the people I have encountered in the year 2010. Old or new friends, it doesn't matter. Of course, there's also the down part.

1. The event that majorly inspired me was when I joined Technicolor. I never expected that I would dance again after 11 years. It started with an audition for the KPop Nation which happened last December 29. Coming from different schools, me and the other members had difficulty compromising with each other's schedules especially when we were already in the final round of practices. There were conflicts, issues that, at first, seemed very hard to resolve but teamwork saved it all. For now, I can't put into words what I feel but one thing's I'm definitely sure of: everything that has happened were planned and this was also a way of reconnecting with the other batchmates I have lost in touch with for the past year.

Dream Concert (KPOP Nation) is the best memorable event of my 2010. Those three months were hard, tiring and unpredictable mainly because of the conflicting schedules of each member. I know I'm not the best dancer in the group but THANK YOU for each one of you who never lost faith in me. The hard times may be tough but..., see, we've made it 'til the concert itself and danced our best. I<3Technicolor!

-Frances Lim
2. During the half of 2010, everytime I go to debut parties, I got unnecessarily tired of attending. One reason may be because I had to give gifts for every party especially when I was part of a program. Nevertheless, it's also the best feeling to see friends smile and shine during one of their moments in their lives.

3. My grandfather passed away last year of January 15. We celebrated his 1st this year. Thinking back of who my grandfather was when he was still alive, he was one of the very few people who'll do their best to make their loved ones happy even though his health was already deteriorating. When he was in the States, only with his dormmates, he'd call us to ask what we want for Christmas, our birthdays and many other special occassions. What I fully regret is not appreciating most of it but I know, wherever he is, I know that he's happy watching over us.

4. The first semester of the university life was the hardest yet I have encountered. Yes, there are still more challenging ones that will come. Last semester, I nearly had a breakdown. Depression? No. It's just that desperation to pass a major. Although I'm already in my second year as a college student, frankly, I'm still not adjusted to professors not teaching very important subject. Another thing was I'm still in doubt of why I'm actually taking IT, a course preference I never planned in my life. I've thought numerous times of quitting and leaving but what I did was to push myself to achieve the goal --- to graduate. It was very hard, indeed, but tears saved me.

This is all I could think of right now in this very short break with compiled schoolworks clogging my brains. This shouldn't stop me from enjoying a very worthwhile with the family under a colorful nightsky.

Time may change, memories don't.
Have a blasting happy new year, everyone!

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karakino said...

Happy 2011 ate frances! Wishing for you to have more kick-ass days ahead! <3

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