Thursday, December 23, 2010

Darren Criss and Chinese Food

Who the hell is Darren Criss? Some of you may recognize him as the cute, gay friend of Kurt from Glee named Blaine. Yes, he may be cute but, definitely, he isn't gay in real life.

Last night, he held his second show in TriNoma wherein he sang around 8-9 songs and provided its accompaniment. Indeed, he's very talented. He both played the guitar and piano during the around 1 and a half hour show which started at 7 PM.

May I add, though, that he sounded like a bit of John Mayer... and somehow looks like Justin Timberlake in this photo:

He does, doesn't he? :">

I'll just post a number of photos here and rant about how the day went yesterday.






Earlier that day, I had a Technicolor practice and it ended at around 5:30PM. On my way there, I panicked 'cause it was already 6:30, just 30 minutes before the show itself and Nixie was already arguing with the TriNoma lady because "no seat reservations are allowed" or whatever. The show started 10 minutes after I arrived and everyone was anticipating Darren Criss' entrance. He looks really nice, personality-wise, in my opinion. Haha.

Anyways, there we had dinner after the event at Mey Lin. I'm telling you, don't ever eat there if you're to hungry to talk. Why? There were around 4 members of their crew last night and upon the entering the restaurant, Nixie and I had really good vibes because we were craving for noodles and decided to go there expecting to be served like... you know, customers. Man, we were wrong. We called, like, all of the crew and then the who seemed to look like the franchise owner gave us this pencil to check our orders in the sheet of paper where the menu was found. The prices were different between the paper and the "laminated" menu itself so we, again, called for some crew members for a few times. Finally, it was cleared up and we got our orders.

Finally, we got the food that we wanted but since we shared only a large bowl of noodles, we expected them to give us 2 bowls. That moment annoyed me out of my wits. We were only asking the person who served us to give 2 damn bowls but it took us, AGAIN, to call for a second crew member. After, we asked them if they had house tea because they NEVER served us one. You see, Chinese restaurants like these SHOULD and AUTOMATICALLY serve their customers tea before eating. Pardon me but I never experienced such a low quality service like this from a restaurant before. Plus, the girl whom we asked for a million of times --- from our orders to the house tea --- was spending lots of freaking times at that table where guys were seated. Talk about being a... never mind.

Good thing, though, it all ended quite nicely and just let it slip away before we even search the mall for Nixie's friend.





PS: Please pardon my grammar...

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Mayee said...

I love your Darren Criss photos! Still kinda bombed that I didn't go to his shows. :|

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