Wednesday, December 22, 2010

You Better Run, Run, Run, Run.

More than 2 weeks ago, we decided to have some fun with a photoshoot for our so-called "fanpage" over in Facebook. (Become a fan?) I tried to be cute for the supposed-to-be childish concept but, obviously, I failed more than I expected :( And here are the results!






Group pictures can't just go missing ♥

Then, last week, our block Christmas party after our school's University Sports Day where I sweated it all out :DD I joined the fun run, volleyball and aero-marathon! However, I ate too much during the party itself that it was of no use! I have to refrain from eating anymore sweets... if I can help it.

Moving on, for the kris kringle, I decided to get Irmay one of the things in her wishlist: a pair of flats. Frankly, though, I wasn't confident about my gift 'cause, maybe, it's not shiny enough? Haha! Anyway, what I got (from Renee! :D) was an adorable, sporty shirt and two slice of bluberry cheesecake from Mozu (see the cake from the previous post, it's one of them).


UA&P - IT aero-marathon people 2010!

Before everyone else arrived...


I'm worrying less about school work this time 'cause we still have to practice for the 29th! (Watch us, please?) Besides, it's holiday season! I can't have to do all the work, can I?

PS Thank you, Cy Castro, Jec Canaberal, Ate Kat Manalon and Raniel Hernandez for the photos :)

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