Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Can Tell.

The first week of school has been incredibly fine except for the fact that we already have tons of work to do for the next coming weeks. No teacher was really that much of a "terror" one.

There was already a professor who already struck me by one of her words. Well, more of her counseling stuff. One is that the one about the "energy vampires." So far, I'm coping up with all the stress by starting to take them out of my life. That's why I'm blogging right now: to release them vampires. (They're not so sparkly, I should tell.)

I am in front of the laptop since 9AM. Done 3 of the 4 things I should accomplish by the weekend. Yes, way to go, Frances! The last thing I should get done before Monday was that programming problem set. The problem is, the software itself which is needed for this to work is shitting up on me so I have no choice but to wait for Monday itself to come *sigh.*

Here I am, though, having fun with our Biology homeworks. Oh, wait. Did I mention we have a Bio Lecture for 3 units + Bio Lab for another 2 units? It's not that really frustrating, though. Thanks to the professors who make them more fun to handle.

It's time to sleep now, I think?

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Anonymous said...

Woot, Biology! XD Well the only thing I really like about Biology is Genetics. ANYWAY, things are quite stressful 'cause you guys just finished the first level. All the best for this academic year, Frances!

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