Friday, July 2, 2010

Thank God. It's Friday! And it's Pasig Day.

Inspiration doesn't necessarily come from a person. A thing I've been pondering on for the past couple of days. School work hasn't changed much, the same old, but it's cool that me and my blockmates still have time to enjoy non-school related stuff and of course, to bond. What made this week unusual was that my schoolmates and I were left with only 3 days of school because of the Presidential Inauguration and Pasig Day.

I and my parents celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary last Monday. It felt really sad that they were on a really shallow fight that day because of my father's "driving skills" nonetheless. During our dinner at Luk Foo in Commonwealth, we shared stories about our day and whatnots. So as we were eating, I felt like going to the past and reminiscing about the days my aunts and uncles were still here in the Philippines (they migrated to the States in 2004, I think?) but my tears didn't stop from falling that I needed to hide them from my parents. Too many flashbacks and here I am (again!) with that state of mind. The saddest parts were the smallest things. The times when we would just stroll in Megamall and eat some cinnamons at Cinnabon after and the weekly family dinners in whatever we could think of. Maybe the bottom line of all these moments is just the feeling of missing them and the memories that will happen once again one day, hopefully.

Although a really sad night have passed, the next day was better. As they say, "there's always a rainbow after the rain." We celebrated EJ's 19th birthday. The original plan we had was to not greet her first in the morning but yes... we failed... and instead, she was the one who surprised us with those 3 huge boxes of Yellow Cab pizzas! The feeling that the people who were there over the year with you were reunited after so many things and issues have happened was really one of the best... aside from the one you always get after you sleep. Haha :P College friends will always be the greatest thing during the present.

This is awesomesauce! Cheers over those Krushers samples! Hahaha.

Last night, I went out to with a couple of my blockmates to Gateway. The plan itself was so sudden that only 4 of them chillax-ed with me. We were supposed to watch the nation's most anticipated movie this month, Eclipse. Sadly, though, Gateway's cinemas were jampacked with people lining up for it, most probably, so we just decided to play some arcade stuff and laugh out loud during the games. The next thing we did was splurge over food at Teriyaki Boy. There went our appetites and a chance to reminisce! But some stories have to end since it started to get late.

Renzo, Irms, Chris and I during a sabaw moment after class.

These people served as my inspirations over the past weeks and hell yes, I'm looking forward to more!

(Thank you, Irmay and Liz for the raw pictures!)

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