Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Life is more fun with the "F" word around.

Okay, so I'm pretty much stressed right now and the last thing I want to feel is my back hurting. Looking at the brighter side, though, there are things that I should be happy for.

1. Blockmates

Last Friday, another night-out for us, we planned on having this large buffet dinner at Saisaki/Dad's/Kamayan in Megamall. We didn't eat breakfast and lunch for us to be "prepared" for our mission.

I had three plates + some ice cream (yeah, 6 scoops, I guess?). All of which consisted of steak, sushi (this is making me hungry), barbecues, yakisoba and whatever food there were. I wouldn't dare take note of the foods' names if I were THAT hungry.

Photo credits to Dale Ligon and Raniel Hernandez.

2. High school friends

The next night, after the huge buffet, I went to yet another buffet... a debut! Damn, I really regret I ate too much the night before. It was uber crazy since Parokya ni Edgar held a mini-concert there too. Plus, the debutante was also gorgeous!

Happy Birthday, Jam! :D

Photo credits to Alyssa Cabel

I want to eat some cake now. Ciao!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Food trip for two days straight! Ahaha. I like yung nagpagutom talaga kayo para sa Saisaki. XD I was also telling my friends about eating on Saisaki since some of them are insane for Japanese food.

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