Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yeah, okay. Whatever.

Have I told you how stressed I am of my life again?

Well, okay, I'm saying it again. For all the whole world to see. (As if the whole world is even interested in reading MY blog)
Bestfriend of the Day

Anyway, enough with the shittalks, I'm currently doing some note-taking for English and my brain's very much tired, thank you. My paper's all about ADHD and how behavior modification can probably "heal" it.

Since my social life's been really flopping during the past few weeks, all I did was face the laptop for all I care. It has never been much of a stress reliever, though. My online activities always revolved around my English paper's topic, programming tutorials (which, btw, never helped me), Facebook and Twitter.

On another note, the weekend's gonna be really... busy too, I guess? I'm gonna try out thrift shopping for the first time on Saturday! :D After, we're going to have a medical mission at school. It's not that really, like, a medical mission when natural calamities happen. As what I understood, though, some people are gonna perform in front of the hardworking people (namely the maintenance) who generously clean our school every hour of every day.

One Way's also here already, may I add. I'm not really a fan of theirs but since they're a KPop group, I'll surely find a way to go to that mall tour over at SM Megamall on Saturday.

Sorry if this post's a little bit draggy or whatever but yes, I still laugh....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Aww Frances. I do read your blog.^^

Pero oo nga. Stress nga!

Eto lang masasabi ko: AJA!:D May "social life" ka rin naman sa weekend. And yay thrift shopping! :D

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