Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Looks like there's no class in the morning tomorrow.

Mirror, mirror me
Horror, Horror, Scary, Me
Happy Holloween

This haiku attempt of Chris for Dave's supposed-to-be topic about his "narcissism." It was intended as a joke.

After being dismissed from our Philo Anthro class, I went straight to La Salle to meet up with Arysse. The plan became like this: since I really wanted to eat ramyeon because my father wasn't so welcome with the idea of it yesterday, we decided to first go to Holly's and order our drinks. Afterwards, we went straight to Mashitta... or Masshita, a Korean-Japanese restaurant at the University Mall in Taft. Aside from fulfilling my craving for ramyeon, I also ordered kimchi being still bitter about not being able to "celebrate" Chuseok yesterday.

I used my phone camera to take these pictures so the quality's like, VLAH.

Finally, Holly's!

The regular Hollycino (left) I ordered was decent but the other
called White Chocolate was somehow sweet for my taste.

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