Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blogger’s Congress



Last Wednesday, dated July 13, 2011, I attended the very first Blogger’s Congress in the St. Andrew Building in the De La Salle University. I was beyond ecstatic before the event itself because it was the first time I was able to attend such event, particularly one which is related to blogging. How ignorant was I that I have never joined something as fun as like this before?

Four inspiring speakers collaborated, along with the Office of the Vice President of Internal Affairs, to give bloggers and blogger-to-bes a worthwhile and inspiring talk.

First was the fresh graduate Ms. Jill Bantang of thefoodscout who, during her spare time when she just graduated from college, thought of sharing her thoughts on the online world. It was not that easy, though. She said, at first, that she was hesitant of even the thought of creating a blog since there are already a lot of more accomplished bloggers than she was. Anyway, her talk was very much of an appetizer since her blog mainly focuses on food! How fortunate that she did push through with blogging! If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be much more interested on blogging about food :) Seriously. Also, she was able to come up with an acronym, B.L.O.G. It stands for B-elieve in yourself, L-ook for your interests, O-rganize your thoughts and G-o for it, go lang nang go!

As I said earlier, it’s very nice that she pushed through with building a blog like this and like that B in her acronym, she believed in herself and she already reached an important aspect of her career as a blogger, to win an award from some blogging awards (lol, I’m sorry I can’t remember the award’s name :P)



Ms. Nina Fuentes, meanwhile, became a representative of travel bloggers! The introduction before she stood to talk to us with her experience being a travel blogger was the most interesting I have ever heard as a travel enthusiast. Apparently, she has gone to many different countries already, specifically Asian ones, for free. Yes, probably by now, you’re probably as much as surprised than I was when I heard it. 

On the contrary, one of the points Ms. Fuentes tackled was that being a travel blogger is not always about take-your-time trips but during her visits to other countries, her time is very limited mainly because her itinerary is already planned. Not by her but the ones who invited her to tour and take a review of their tourism spots. There was even a time, she shared, that during a trip, she was only able to take in the beach breeze for half an hour even if her hotel’s already located by the beach side!

During her talk, I and my new-found friend kept on discussing on how fun would it be to actually travel at a very young age and independent. She even shared that after the time of her school graduation that she decides to go on a trip somewhere… I just can’t remember where.


I just had to cut this into half or I’ll die with my thoughts exploding on an entry… besides, I feel tired and sleepy already :( This is gonna be a long week!

Next blog post: The Scene Stealer and The David at the Blogger’s Congress :D


Anonymous said...


It's good to know that you had a good time on this conference. I miss Andrew building. Hahaha! And oh, Jill was my batchmate.:)

karakino said...

This looked like one fun event! I'd love to attend something like this soon hehe :)

Hiii. Dropping by before my really really loooooong weekend (I actually had the entire weekend off!) ends. I miss you :D

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