Saturday, January 2, 2010

The street with the sesame on it

Second day, yes? I had nothing special to talk about when the day ended :( because the planner I ordered from Korea didn't arrive yet. It was supposed to today when the person I ordered it from texted me about shipping blahblah so it would arrive on December 4 instead. So fortunately I got something to talk about here: my new Sesame Street shirt!

Since SM Megamall had this mega-superduper-wide sale, my family and I just had to go there. HA-HA-HA. We actually didn't spend much buying whatever we wanted 'cause we're just gonna spend it on summer. What's happening? No, I'm not having a debut party whatsoever but it's much better than that, I think. Going back to the topic, I just had it for P300! It wasn't on sale, btw. I liked it on the first sight so I just thought, "I have to buy that!" but the thing is, my thought was in Tagalog.

PS: This. is. wrong. (Chansung and Taekyeon of 2PM)

1 comment:

Alex said...

Cute shirt! I love Sesame Street! Esp. Big Bird! hAHA!

Hahaha!Panalo yung picture! Amp. I love Taek!!! Ang cute nya! Haha!

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