Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What you call "anything under the sun"

Trixie and Enchees: two of the greatest people I've ever met at UA&P.

Those 4 were taken individually using my laptop's webcam at McDo Pearl Drive.

During stress and quiz-free days, I and my blockmates (with Renzo harhar) take time to dine out around Pearl Drive where great restaurants were put.

Anyway, this day is an exception. We're (not all of us, though) stressing over our programming homework that was due today at 12 noon. Since we didn't do it during the vacation, we got to exercise a skill we're so good at: cramming. I wonder why we love to stress out ourselves when we have the whole time to do it.

On the other note, let me talk about the greatest block ever. (That's the only block I'll ever have.) Let me have something to summarize what has happened over the eight-month range we've been together.

Photos were not taken by me and are copyrighted to their owner.

Lots did happen. We lost some blockmates to CAS but still we love each other. Yihee, cheesy! Why am I reminiscing anyway? It's not like it's March already, is it?

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