Friday, January 1, 2010

Family Always Comes First

After too many delays (2 years?), I've finally decided to, yes FINALLY, finish a Project 365.

What's Project 365?

I won't answer that for you because I'm a lazy person when it comes to explaining so Google it. Maybe there are 952173847034785029385 search results present there.

Happy New Year! We've finally entered a new year. I think everyone's excited about it. People are, like, posting "2010 will be better," "I'm gonna rock 2010!" shenanigans but really, good luck.

This picture was taken past 12 midnight of January 1. We've just had dinner that time, as you can see. We celebrated New Year at Cainta. Since we're only 3 in the house (yes, I'm an only child) plus our helper, we usually go there everytime there's a family celebration. We have three families there:

MONTEMAYOR FAMILY: Tito Eller (white shirt), Tita Ana (orange shirt), Mathew (young boy wearing glasses)

VELASCO FAMILY: Tito Yong, Tita Cristy, Rylan and Meejo (they're the people left who wore red)

LIM FAMILY: Papa (green shirt), Mama (blue shirt) and me (pink shirt)

The rest who weren't mentioned are our helpers.

Fireworks were our thing in the past years but since my father got really injured that one time, we slowed down on buying them. We had "fountains" and "lusis" for this year which was really worth it! We also prepared games though we didn't have much time since everyone was still tired because we slept at 2 AM the other day.

And yes, we all had fun and full stomachs :

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