Sunday, November 27, 2011

Peppah Lunch

I know most of you have heard about those free restaurant dine-in or out options when you shop with your credit card and it's probably the nicest thing next to the fact that you're... in debt. Then again, it's food that we're talking about here and might as well make the photos do the talking! :) 

Just for a brief story-slash-explanation, yesterday I was off to a Saturday family day --- a first one for the longest time --- at SM Megamall (yes, again! Hmm.. it seems like just yesterday that I've gone there). When my mother told me she's got those free stuff for Kenny Rogers, Pepper Lunch, Häagen-Dazs among other ones, I hurriedly convinced them to eat out for lunch thus:

Shake! Shake! Kani Salad -- my mother's
(I find that Shake! Shake! part really awkward. Haha)

We had two meal options and ordered them both! 

Teriyaki Pepper Chicken

and Teriyaki Beef Pepper Rice with fried egg

The past two days have been quite refreshing 'cause I managed to somehow catch-up with both my friends and family. 

Happy Sunday, everyone! :)

PS: I've been too "conscious" of carrying my camera lately...


AVA T.♥ said...

Ohh! I haven't had pepper lunch before but been dying to try it out! Thanks for this!:) At least I know what to order!

Jenine Semilla said...

yummy! :)

Wonder Woman said...

Saraaaaaap! I'm hungry now... :(

Shewyl said...

Annyeong Frances! How are you? Been seeing you lately sharing food pictures on your blog. Nagpapataba? :) Haven't tried eating in Peppah but that teriyaki pepper chicken looks effin' delicious!! Nakakagutom tuloy haha.

This is Sheryl btw, I hope you can still remember me. :P

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