Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We got the DIVA going on

I was never a large fan of accessories: I never wore accessories too often and all I have as my "regular accessory" is my age-old watch I got back when I was in second year high school. Anyway, it was all like that until I recently became fond of browsing through fashion bloggers' pages such as the ones of Lissa Kahayon, Camille Co, Kryz Uy among other numerous fashion blogs in my bookmarks bar.

Yesterday, Love Diva organized an all bloggers event at the Alabang Town Center called the "DIVA BLOGGERS' CAMP" wherein known local fashion bloggers with the names of Ana Gonzales, Kookie Buhain, Melai Entuna, Aisa Ipac, Ava Te, Cheyser Pedregosa, Tin Iglesias, Alyssa Lapid, Vern Enciso, Tracy Ayson, Sarah Tirona and Angel Rodriguez (effort, te?) chose 2-3 'blog sisters' to be with them during the event. Fortunately, I was one of them and proud to say that I'm one of Anagon's little sisters for the day! :)

Welcome, Bloggers!

Upon entering the store, I was dumbfounded by the accessories which appeared in front of thine eyes! They were all displayed in a really organized manner --- by colors and by style.

I really loved this! It totally stood out from the rest!

Despite the overwhelming heat inside the store, Ms. Ayet, Ms. Jaide Carpio and the other owners of Love Diva did a really fantastic job for organizing the event. As part of this camp which we really felt like it was an actual class (dapat overnight naman sa susunod para F na F! Hahaha), four of the fashion bloggers who were present talked about styling, blogging and the opportunities that may come with these.

First to talk was the ever so fierce THE Kookie Buhain! Being the possible first ever fashion blogger in the Philippines, she talked about her fashion inspirations which she often get from international fashion bloggers. Frankly, to have seen her in flesh might be an understatement as she is one of the most awesome fashion bloggers locally. Oh, and how can I forget that she's so Ms. Personality and I love the humor!

I was really inspired by her talk, as well, because I could totally relate considering that she once wore tomboy-ish clothes and that somehow kept my hopes up. In line with that, Ms. Kookie talked about her personal style which may not be as feminine as the others ("GO FEMININE!") but a style that anyone can say which can still stand out from the rest.

Second to go under the spotlight is none other than Ms. Melai Entuna of Style and Soul! She was really friendly :) Plus, she rocked her sisters' styling during the mini-styling contest with the reyna from Cotabato-ish theme.

Anyway, what she talked about was the opportunities from blogging --- fashion blogging, in particular. There were lots that she mentioned but some of which that I can vividly remember are:

1. Fashion bloggers often get invited to events... even more than what they want! These events range from store openings to book launches to fashion shows.

2. Opportunities come from a high number of traffic which these fashion bloggers get from their blogs. Some bloggers take this as an opportunity to sell their homemade accessories through their blogs and at the same time, some, like Ms. Melai, made blogging a way to endorse F-Stop, her own store.

3. Other bloggers "sell" themselves. An example she mentioned was Tricia Gosingtian who is widely known to have modeled and photographed for huge magazines and the like thus, giving herself a huge break for it!

The effortless fashionistas, as Ms. Melai puts it as she introduced them, Tracy Ayson and Tin Iglesias basically talked about their forte, styling. It was only then did I learn that styling had different classifications and what they were able to mention were those of the print/editorial, runway and commercial. For their personal picks, Tracy and Tin chose print and runway, respectively. Tracy shared to us that with print, different styles can be achieved without the readers having to know the "insides" of the photos. You may guess what they are, though :p Meanwhile, Tin, being the fashion designer that she is, liked runway styling since she loves seeing her designs being worn by the models as they walk through the runway.

Also, they were asked on how they handle criticisms which served as another reminder for both starting and blooming  bloggers, in general:

"You can't please everyone.

After the talk, we had a mini-styling contest for our bigger older more mature sisters! Me and my other sisters, Bei and Bea (have I only realized now that they're both Beas) came up with this:

We really had no plan in mind when we came up with this except for Bea's bohemian theme. Our "headdress", as you might've noticed isn't really one, same as the ones that served as Ate Ana's "belts", are necklaces. The feather earrings, tons of bangles and rings were part of the Anagon-like style. We're really glad we were able to match our styling with her personal style! :) And then...and then...

Lo and behold! We actually won the styling contest :) Great job, sistahs! Haha.

That felt visibly heavy...

Ms. Angel with her cutie-pie daughter who kept on running around during the event

The event finished with a bang as the organizers announced that all of us present there were to get a P1000 (or less) worth of accessory/ies! Dinner was served at Cyma, ATC after :D

Me and my sisters during the day. Thanks to Ate Ana for the photo!

Shot from Bea's blog

The best part of the night... food, food, food! Hahaha, chos lang!

Over all, the whole event was totally amazing and very fresh! Not only that, the fashion bloggers were also soooooo (times 10!) cool and nice. I will never get tired of saying that the fashion bloggers I have encountered during that day were the people who inspired me to start investing more on myself one step at a time. Also, it felt really good to have "siblings" at such one time in my life. Kahit nabagsakan ng camera, keri lang! It's amazing to have met various bloggers and made friends like PaulineCzarina and, of course, my sisters, Bei and Bea!  :) 

Cheers to everyone who attended the first-ever Diva Bloggers Camp!
Please check out Love Diva PH's FB page.


I won't be publishing my supposed to be blogger appreciation post anymore :( I look Haggardo Verzosa during the whole time but I shall be tweeting them tomorrow! 


Sai Pauline said...



Sai Pauline

Kookie B. said...

Hey Frances! It was so nice meeting you at the DIVA event. This post of yours made me smile because you really paid attention to our talks. I feared that I was talking nonsense last Monday. Haha! And ako pala si Ms. Personality! Hahaha! I'm glad you guys appreciated my "pagka-kalog". Hehe.

Melai said...

Hi frances!

Thanks for blogging about it quickly. It's nice to know you really enjoyed the event. Being one of the bloggers who co-organized it, this is one of the best feedback I could ever receive. Way to go to you and your blogging! Keep it up dear :)

Melai of Style and Soul

Frances said...

PAULINE! THANKS GIRL! Love your confidence pa din! Hahaha ;)

Frances said...


Ms. Kookie! I'll forever be a fan of you and your style :) You weren't talking about non-sense at all and I really learned a lot. Haha.

Thank you so much for commenting here, kinilig ako. Lol :P

Frances said...


Hi, Ms. Melai! Thank you so much as well for this opportunity :) I hope I'll see you in Bloggers United! Winner talaga hosting niyo haha. I'll never forget about it :p

Aisa.Paxie said...

hi frances! grabbed some photos ha!:) nice seeing you there!:) glad you had fun:) til the next event!


Noelle Chantal said...

Wow, looks like a fun event with lots of bloggers! :) Lucky you to be able to attend! :) Great pieces too!!

Frances said...


Sure, Ms. Pax! Hope to see you soon also! :)

Frances said...

Noelle Chantal

Thanks so much for dropping by my blog! :) Yup, Love Diva offers a lot of accessories, you may want to check it out in Alabang Town Center in the upper ground level :)

Jenine Semilla said...

Great photos! I bet you all had fun! :)

btw, please join my blog giveaway :)

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