Monday, November 21, 2011

Shindangdong Makati x Tous Les Jours

Shindangdong might've been your typical Korean restaurant in Makati but then again, I thought, what certainly set it apart from others was that there are tons of photographs who dined in at the restaurant from that certain time. Plus, that noticeable "to try: tteokbokki* with grated cheese" written on a white board made me definitely want to try the dish!

*tteokbokki = Korean spicy ricecake stew

The waitress there cooked the tteokbokki for us and some ingredients were rice cakes, fish cakes, ramyeon noodles, eggs and chili powder (they chose the "regular spicy" flavor for this).

The group can't certainly miss an order of kimbap! :)
Takoritang, a Korean spicy chicken stew.
Same as the tteokbokki except for the eggs and ramyeon noodles.
For every KDrama/Hallyu Wave fan, Tous Les Jours might've been the bread shop you've been seeing for quite a couple of times in various dramas and one of which is the some-kind-of-musical drama, Dream High!

Anyway, Tous Les Jours recently opened their doors to new and old Filipino foodies who might wanna try their fresh pastry products that will absolutely leave you salivating. Their first branch welcomed their first visitors last 11.11.11 at The Block at SM North Edsa and better check out their next at SM Southmall! :)
And speaking of Tous Les Jous' cute and delightful cakes, thanks to Kuya Jonah's thoughtfulness, two of my friends from my first-ever KCC class recently celebrated their birthdays with this luscious mocha cake! Happy Birthday, Ate Kristen & Patrick! :D

Forever young, Ate Kristen!
"Shy-type" daw siya, Patrick!

Dahil isa siyang dakilang tagasindi ng candles... Kuya Jonah! :)
He lit up the birthday candles for at least 6 times during that time.

Slice of cake, anyone? :)

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