Tuesday, November 1, 2011

(Slightly!) Unmasking BJ Pascual

Ever since I got the chance to take hold of the latest two-covered Sparkling Magazine featuring Kim Hyun Joong and Block B, it was inevitable for me to not be curious of who actually was responsible for the great covers especially those of the former KPop artist's photos in the issue.

Flower boy Jaehyo of Block B. He's forever a charmer!~

A scanned photo from Sparkling Mag I snatched from a Kim Hyun Joong-inspired blog.

BJ Pascual, a name I've repeatedly heard for quite a number of times now but I've never really bothered to know who he was or what his works are all about! Little did I know that when I start Google-ing about him that I will start to take notice of the beautiful photos he has taken starting from portraits to fashion shenanigans to travel photography found in his website! (Click here.) And his not-so-latest blog entry last June about his trip in Greece left me awestruck! I particularly loved this panoramic view of Rhodes:

Despite of the word being too much of a cliché already, I find this very breathtaking! The very clear water plus a peaceful view of the city! I've never considered going to European countries in the future but this is a first of my travel list :)


Plus, plus, plus! Check out Stache's latest issue... it's none other than BJ Pascual for a "photography in fashion"-themed magazine!

Outtake from Stache Magazine FB Fanpage

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Patti said...

OOOOH I must get a copy of that Stache issue ASAP!!!

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