Monday, November 28, 2011

What's a girl to do other than wish?

The Christmas feel is absolutely in the air! As for that, a wishlist should be good, eh? :)

Jeffrey Campbell's Night Walk! 
I swear I'm even dreaming about these for weeks already! 

Canon D60: definitely my type of camera. 
With 50mm lens na din, please? And tripod? Hahaha chos
These Kylie G babies from Rajo! for Parisian 

That cape, those cutie patootie booties, that vest!! Basically, something like Camille Co's wardrobe. Haha.

I don't know exactly what it's name is but these are singularly called "The Booty" which I found in 
Inna Santiago's blog (thelittlebigspender). Oh, please do join her and RK Manila's giveaway here! :)

Lissa Kahayon's feeyyarrsssh blazer from The Ramp.

No doubt for this one :D I even asked this for our block FGF last year.

A literal money tree. HAHA! Dollars pa yan!

What I and my friends were talking about last night over at Twitter: 
BB Creams! This one's a Tony Moly BB Cream Skin 79 Pink suggested by Nixie :)

And finally, OBVIOUSLY not the very least

Another great Christmas with the family and friends! :) And for my relatives based in 
the States to return home for a vacation :)

I've never really been this too much for Christmas wishes but this is what Christmas is all about! :) A new hope, not only materially, for everyone. It's a season for happiness after all!

Ok, enough with the ~*cheesy*~ parts. Haha. In advance, I hope you guys have a good, fun-filled Christmas season! :)

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