Sunday, November 6, 2011

DIVAlicious Sisterhood

This is a little too late for this contest but since I really wanted to go to this event because it sounded really interesting and, above all, new for me! :) I'm glad I'm finding ways to better interact with the awesome bloggers rather than just face my screen and look through their pages.

Nonetheless, one of these awesome bloggers is Ana Gonzales, the woman behind the infamous term, "fashion commuter"! On November 7, 2011 in Alabang Town Center, from 4-6, she and other fashion bloggers, with their respective fashion sistahs which they will be personally picking, will be joining this event by Diva:

DIVA is a new brand of accessories that will cater to a younger generation of fashionistas (teens 15 - 19)--also brought to us by M2 Fashions, the company behind Accessorize. This event is really a sisterly bonding with all of us and our readers. The bloggers will be like a big sister to their readers or younger bloggers; just as Accessorize is like an older sister of Diva. There will be a styling and blogging workshop, so it'll help you become better bloggers and learn more about personal style!

Join the anagon's contest now! :D Click here.

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