Friday, December 2, 2011

Flaming Wings, White Plains

By now, you guys must've already noticed my first love: food. I know I should probably have to save up all the appetite for the whole Christmas break but just so you know... it's gonna be one of the hardest things I'll have to do. Haha! 

Yesterday, instead of pushing through with our supposed to be adventure at the Meralco building and El Pueblo in Ortigas after school, two of my friends --- Anne and Dale ---- and I opted to eat out at the newly opened Flaming Wings in White Plains, Quezon City. It's still on a dry run mode.

Chicken Tenders ordered by Anne. Dale chose the same but with a different flavor. 

For a change, I put my newly vegetarian-slash-low carb diet to the side for a while and
 ordered this Seafood Marinara. The serving was waboosh --- di ko naubos. Haha!

This, you can't definitely miss at any Flaming Wings branch! 
Their specialty, the infamous Wicked Oreos with ice cream.

The difference between the Katipunan branch which I've gone to was that the White Plains branch had less people. Maybe consider the fact that it's not so much near to a more commercialized environment? The servings were, however, less than the former's. My tummy's more than satisfied with my order, though :) And to add, the waitress there who welcomed us was like the newly installed lights in there --- so bright! Wagas ang kanyang pag-welcome! 

Now I'm off to some more serious stuff! See you at Bloggers' United tomorrow! :)

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