Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bloggers United 2!

I knew I had to go here.

Right after class, with which I can say that I'm very lucky that it ended too early for our 12NN dismissal, I briskly walked to Shang to ride the MRT to Ayala and ride the shuttle going to Market! Market! I was fortunate I was a little bit experienced going around The Fort area that I didn't get lost. Thanks to the shuttle signs, though! :) At kay manong guard.

Back to the first line, I undoubtedly knew I had to be at the Bloggers United 2 at Treston College International. It wasn't primarily because of me being unable to attend its first installment but for the reason that I think I finally found what I can enjoy for the mean time at the very least. And despite being the sun overly being... sunny... I took photos while I walked through the streets near the venue! 

Oh. Yes, I was alone but still, it wasn't enough reason for me to not enjoy the event! I saw my good old friends (not literally, though!), Czarina, that chinky-eyed girl we were with at the Love Diva PH event (sorry, I couldn't remember :() and Aly with her friends.

Here we are! Treston College International!

The food stalls (DQ, Mrs. Fields and Red Mango among others) 
outside Treston's multi-purpose hall where BU2 was held.  

To the right of the entrance was Meg Magazine's stall. 
They gave away magazines of their September 2011 issue!  

Tracy Ayson's stall

Kryz Uy's area 

That necklace I spotted...

Lovely couple, Seph and Shai's area near the stage

Look who I "spotted": Laureen Uy 

I got a P500 GC from Multiply! (Follow them on Twitter) Thank you also to Ate Ana for this :)
I bought accessories from Anagon Collection and The Bling Project!

Tin Iglesias' stall

Clothes, clothes, clothes and travel bags I spotted everywhere... Hahaha 


Divine Lee and Laureen Uy for the Nikon segment

Tomato stall. They gave away bracelets! 

Before finally leaving the event after 4 hours of taking photos, stalling, browsing through the stalls and ordering from Multiply stores, I knew I needed to also have photos of these awesome bloggers who made this event possible. 

Meet my ate. Chos! 

 Yayy! Photo with the ever-talented Reese Lansangan

Ms. Style and Soul, Melai Entuna. 
One of the organizers of this event with Aisa Ipac and Ana Gonzales.

Beauty blogger Marj Sia 

Valerie Chua was there too! 

Of course, David Guison! Lissa wasn't there when I approached their area, though :(

Ms. Aisa Ipac

There was this Christmas cake thing event at the lower floor of Treston 
wherein various schools designed their cakes.

 Look at who I saw before leaving! Ms. Kookie Buhain!

To the whole Bloggers United 2 team (Ate Ana, Ms. Melai, Ms. Aisa and other staff and bloggers), I just have to say that I know everyone had a blast during the event! It was a success not only to give fasyonistas an opportunity to meet their local fashion idols and buy much cheaper pre-loved items from them but it lived up to its name.... Bloggers United, indeed! :) 

One of the things I bought: this mini dress from Tracy Ayson's booth.


Vergil Chua said...

Great finds right?! You should've taken your outfit post. I think you're wearing something nice. :)


MERiE said...

Sayang! I wanna attend BU2 rin! Pero I have other commitments na rin...

Good that you guiz had so much fun.. :) Maybe sa BU3 ill make myself available..

Gel said...

Sobrang nakakainggit na nakapunta ka! Aww buti ka pa! Too bad I had to work over the weekend so it's another BU event that I wasn't able to go to. Pfft. At least you enjoyed!

Sai Pauline said...

Ayan na ba ang lahat ng photos? Bitin ako! :P Yung kay David, ayan na ba yon? Send it to my email address! I'm really gonna print it, you know! ♥

<a href=">Sai Pauline//kwentongkupas</a>

FRANCES said...


No doubt that the bloggers had awesome ---not to mention cheaper too! --- items! I'll try to post about my outfits once I have the guts to do them. Haha!

FRANCES said...


SAYANG! Anyway, there's always a next time... hoping to BU3! :)

FRANCES said...


Aaww, sayang naman :( Next time! :)

FRANCES said...


I'll send it later, ha? I have more photos in my FB! :) But for David, it's the only one I have :( I had to leave na eh. Hehe

Anagon =) said...

Salamat my little sister Frances for going to Bloggers United !:) 10x ata tayo nagkasalubong! :) Thanks again!!!

czarianonuevo said...

wow!! amazing post!!
LOVE the photos!! oo nga sana may outfit photos k girl :)

Czarina :)

Maria Regina P. said...

I saw you at the event. nasa unahan kita nung pila sa tomato. haha. I think you're funny and nice. hope to see you again. followed you already.

<3 Maria

FRANCES said...


Ate Ana!! Thank you so much for BU2 nang sobra! :) It was super worth it going from Fairview pa. BU3 soon please. Haha :)

FRANCES said...


Thank you, Cza! :) Shy type muna peg ko. Hihi

FRANCES said...

@Maria Regina P.

Ay, hello po! Sorry, I was kinda 'lost' nung nasa line. Muntik ko pang makalimutan magpa-thank you. Haha.

Followed! :)

Megann Jabola said...

The necklace is so badass!!! Where did you find that? I didn't see it. :( Want it! Hahaha. The dress you got is really cute btw. Saw a lot of things I liked at Tracy's booth too. She has awesome stuff. :)

♥♥ Megann of STYLE SURGERY

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