Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Of early Christmas happiness. (Part 1!)

First week of December, I couldn't ask for more! :) Even though my awesome-estest subject Software Engineering tortured me until yesterday, keri lang with life. 

So here we go. I received two packages last Friday from Anagon Collection (anagoncollection) and Ate Anna Esguerra (so-stellar.org). Bongga, parehas pa sila ng name!  

First was the necklace from Anagon Collection which I ordered 
during Bloggers United 2 courtesy of Multiply.

Izzo camera bag from Ate Anna

Charm bracelet from the berdeng burol (Greenhills)

Catchfire shirt! 


Anna said...

Hihi, you posted the bag I gave ya! Merry Christmas! :))

Anagon =) said...

Thank you for this post sis! :) Happy New Year!!!

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