Sunday, December 11, 2011

Yabu, Megamall!

My parents and I decided to "joyride" along the streets of Ortigas after attending an anticipated mass. 

(Note: I apologize for the lack of consistency in the editing of my photos)

We primarily went to the Port88 Bazaar at the Megatent near Renaissance Hotel in Meralco Avenue. However, due to my father being uninterested about it, we decided to just go to Megamall. We ate dinner first before strolling around the mall. Guess where we ate? :D 

Yes, finally! If you're a Twitter follower of mine, you might've already sensed my so-called "desperation" to dine it at this restaurant. Well, frankly, I think a small part of it was that freaking bandwagon and the rave that's been continuously going on with various blogs. On how the taste was so mouthwatering and everything being worth it. I had to see to believe it. Then again, I'm a huge fan of eating at non-mainstream restaurants... I simply want to try everything out. Yup, even though I tell my friends that I'm going *coughs* "vegetarian".

Papa wanted me to choose what to eat. But as you can see, siya na lang ang gumawa. Haha! 

Awkward smile ang peg ni mother!  

Tonkatsu-themed comics displayed on the walls of the restaurant

Organized set of condiments

Orders up! Chicken and seafood tonkatsu for the win!  

 And an order of Rosu Tonkatsu! Yuuuum!  
The meals were with a set of fruits --- watermelon and pineapples --- and shredded cabbage.

After, we were served free ice cream while filling out the survey since they were still undergoing a soft opening. What's somewhat unbelievable for me is that even though it was already 9PM, there were still lots of customer plus considering the fact that it's only a soft opening! Way to go, Yabu! :)

I definitely had the best bonding moment with my parents earlier! I'll definitely eat there again with friends the next times I'm going there this month. 
いただきます! Itadakimasu! 

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AVA T.♥ said...

cheers to another awesome entry about yabu!:) yey yabu is THE best!

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