Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hello there, Christmas. (Part 2!)

Finally a chance to post these blessings over here :) The Christmas season has already given me its taste over the past week! Reunion here and parties there left my wallet with ease! It's all happening so fast but one just can't reject blessings, can we?

I apologize for the lack of posts here in this blog. Schedule's *coughs* somehow did not permit
me to take a long break from it. Plus, we have this supposed to be programming thesis thing due first thing when we go to school this January.  

Both accessories from Jessica Viray's shop, The Bling Project. Thanks to the P500 GC courtesy of Multiply   as one of the major sponsors during the Bloggers United 2.

Macarons de Paris? Nah, think again! These are My Heavenly Desserts' [FB] delectable and colorful cake poppers given to me by my then really mysterious FGF for my block's Christmas party (Haha!)  

What I recently found (lol) in the Izzo bag I posted here from Ate Anna. I opened the bag's pocket and then, chiching! Thank you so much :) Late ko nga lang napansin even though I've already used it for a couple times already. Haha. I really appreciate receiving letters  of any size :) 
Kahit pa galing sa bangko yan, okay lang. Chos!

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AVA T.♥ said...

aww these are really sweet!:)

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