Saturday, June 2, 2012

Yabu Dinner Photodump


So here's a set of photos from my family's dinner night yesterday. As I was editing a certain photo, I couldn't help but feel emotional. My family is just my biggest weakness... but before this gets any deeper, we enjoyed a very nice dinner at Yabu after their office hours and me enrolling for my last first semester of college (hopefully!). I currently have 22 units which is like the number of units same as my first semester's when I was still a freshman. The twist though is that this time around, my SE group has to finish our thesis and there's my internship planned to finish until July. I guess the word "chill" must stay in the dictionary first!

I decided to experiment with the photos so pardon the color consistency! :)

What they call the ritual.

What I ordered: the fish (cream dory) set! 


A piece of oyster from my father's Chicken and Seafood mix set.

Silken tofu from my mother's vegetarian set.

That's me! 


I still have yet to try their salmon set for lunch!


Wonder Woman said...

Yabu is THE BOMB!!! :) Have you seen the blogger panels by the restrooms yet?

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Yabu House of Katsu said...

Thank you for this entry! You should really visit us next time to try our new salmon set! :)

Yabu House of Katsu

czarianonuevo said...

i haven't tried this restaurant yet!!! i think their food is amazing!!

ps: hope i can someday :)

paint it stripes

New DIY post "DIY: floral headband" is up on the blog, Hope you can check it out :)

Patti said...

I agree, my family seems to be my biggest weakness, too. :) I miss that bonding.

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