Monday, June 4, 2012

Snack Size


Everything in this post feels and looks like snack size. In short, merienda. Internship has never been this fun with happy internmates and good food! :) Days ago I posted our very first lunch out at Banapple Ayala Triangle. This time, presenting one of our ordinary days at the pantry.

Of all the prominent milk tea places in metro, Moonleaf Tea Shop is be one of them. Their branches just keep on multiplying by the week. Just weeks ago, we were so thrilled of the news that Moonleaf was having a new branch in The Columns, Makati and to add more to the hype, it's near to our *coughs* office. However, we got disappointed that it only opened for a day! Eventually, we had the time to go out, finally, to buy a drink from there. It was actually my first time to ~*formally*~ enter a Moonleaf store since I tried it out before from a food bazaar. Anyway, we grabbed something from there and went straight to the pantry as some of us still had agendas to finish.

We also got to eat doughnuts from Cello's Doughnuts and Dips from their Taft branch c/o Tina. :) As usual, their products were the best! They have another branch over at Katipunan (and many others! Check out their site here.) so I suggest to go grab something from Cello's.

Hakka Milk Tea, Jasmine Milk Tea and Peppermint Milk Tea.



Think again! ;) 

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