Sunday, June 24, 2012

Latest online acquisitions

Ever since I got a whack of how internship feels like, particularly with the fact on what I should dress like in the office, I got back to online window shopping kind of thing again. Don't get me wrong. I like shopping but I decide on clothes like "Boom! Okay, I want that one". The thing is, I seldom tell that to myself. I get clothes, try them on and if I'm getting it, it's probably one of these two things: 1) I badly needed one or 2) just because I like it. Though... I think I prefer online shopping more than the actual mall shopping. It's just too... crowded. Okay, enough about the ranting. 

So from last week, I got two pieces of clothing from two bloggers: Tin Iglesias and Kisty Mea. Both of whom I really look up to when fashion blogging comes into mind. Also, both of which are of reason #2. Here they are:

Turquoise haltered dress from (Ate) Kisty

How it looks like when worn: (from Kisty's blog)

Skirt from Tin Iglesias which I instantly fell in love with! :)
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How it looks like when worn: (from Tin's blog)

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