Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lovely CiTEA, new milk tea place in town

Milk tea stores have started up here and there long before I've even noticed it! There would be different milk tea flavors or even just the plain teas like of the jasmine, green, oolong and black teas.

The last time I've been to Binondo, there's Lovely CiTEA in Mandarin Square near Salazar Bakery, which is probably one of the best sellers of hopia. Lovely CiTEA was small and cozy like other milk tea places. They have nice interiors, nonetheless. 

While sitting down, I had the chance to scan around the stores around it. There was this Korean store beside  it which was closed however; a Chinese boutique selling really cute shoes-slash-apparels; a bakery which had the cutest cakes I've ever seen (on to my next post about that!); and the Chinese grocery we more than happily went at! Anyway, back to Lovely CiTEA, what I got amazed at was their milk tea containers --- not to mention their affordable prices too! I ordered roast oolong tea with yogurt magic bean for P65 (that's for small and P75 for the large size) for a change since I mostly order green tea from other milk tea places. Our drinks came with pudding which wasn't bad at all! 

For more, here are the photos from Lovely CiTEA:

Hello, Nixie! Haggardo Verzosa na kami! 

Lovely CiTEA is located at Ground Floor, Mandarin Place in Ongpin St., Binondo in the lovely ciTEA of Manila. (It's near the Ongpin North Bridge.)

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