Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Such a happy post.

My day started out the usual although I cannot deny the fact that I was pretty much excited about seeing three of my really good friends today.

First thing I went to was at McDonald's Commonwealth to meet-up with my fellow U-Girls (© Glenda), Aly and Glenda, to discuss really important agendas. And as soon as we got finished, I went straight away to get my ever Dashboard Confessional tickets courtesy of Trinoma!

Moving on, the only plan that I and my friends had in mind was to spend our lunch time in a Korean restaurant in Megamall: Kaya Restaurant. Their servings were satisfactory, though. One serving can already feed two to three people. Haha xD

[I wasn't able to take a picture of the Sam Kyop Sal! :(]

Beef Bulgoggi (in layman's term: Korean beef barbeque)

Kalbi Gui (fried beef ribs marinated with Korean soy sauce)

Goon Man-Du! The best food I ever tasted there. (fried beef and vegetable dumplings)

Our next stopover was: ETUDE HOUSE! I finally brought myself something in there... which were eye patches. These eye bags of mine are such diseases already that I have to get rid of them ASAP (the truth is, before U-Kiss arrives here. HAHAHA I love them that much!).

It's the main building, is it? lol, sorry, I don't know what part of UST was this but this was the view from the College of Accountacy.

So, yep, we went out of our way to University of Santos Tomas because of such agenda my friend had to finish for the upcoming new semester.

PS: Much contentment flowing over here.


Jam said...

Envy you! :| How was the concert?

Frances said...

It was AWESOMEEEEE as in geez, can't explain it, though we had to stand during the whole perf. Chris was hot and so were their songs!

I'm sure they'll be back! :D

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