Thursday, May 6, 2010

To the beach, we went!

So, last long weekend our family packed our summer clothes and went to the beach for once! To.. Morong, Bataan! I really love it there: clear waters, white sand and beautiful scenery.

Anyway, I posted some pictures I've taken during the trip. (Gahh, I'm such a frustrated photographer)

Dambana ng Kagitingan

I had too much fun experimenting with the aperture mode of the camera.

My trying-hard bokeh

The crab-like figure my cousins made and played around with at the beach.

The calming beach.
(Note: the two people there are both guys just in case you'll
call them opposite-gendered couple or.. whatever xD)


Mayee M. said...

Your photos are good kaya! And yay for going to ze beach! :D

Jam said...

I loooove your shots! ;-)

Chiburger said...

I like your shots! What cam do you use? :D

chiui @ ;)

Frances said...

@Ate Mayee

Thanks xD Maybe it was ze editing? Haha! Have you gone to the beach this summer?

Frances said...

@Ate Jam

Thank youuu!

Frances said...


Thanks a lot, really xD I use Nikon P100.

iSHMOi said...

Ganda ng pictres, Frances. You were asking asking sa last entry slr yung camera mo, right? The quality of the photos looks like it is! Galeng!

Patti said...

Pretty pretty photos. :) Lalo na yung huli!

At talagang nilinaw mo pa yung sa huli, altho they look like a heterosexual couple. XD Hehehe.

Frances said...

@Ate Ishna

Wow, thank you! Apparently, it isn't a DSLR based on my internet research. Huhu. But it's fine, still :D

Frances said...

@Ate Patti

Wow, didn't expect those comments! @-)

That's the word! Heterosexual. Hahaha. Thank you xD

iSHMOi said...

Kahit na hindi sya slr, those still look like they were taken by one. So mas okay yun, it doesn't only mean na maganda talaga yung camera, ibig sbahin din magaling yung kumuha ng pictures! =)

MERiE said...


Frances said...

@Ate Ishna

WOW thank you is all I can say at this time. Speechless me :P

Frances said...

@Ate Merie

Thanks parang ikaw! Yihee :>

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