Monday, May 24, 2010

Random is my specialty.

Two friends have tagged me in Facebook wherein I had to write another note with 25 random things about me and I decided to just answer here in Blogger. So, here it goes!

1. I can't stand very cold weather for long. I get easily irritated with hot weather too! That should leave me a place where it's got a 21 - 25-degree temperature.

2. I've got no consistency in all things that's why I'm used to half-baked results of what I intend to finish.

3. Psychology was my first choice of course, not Information Technology, but based to my parents' "evaluation" of these two courses the former was chosen for the high salary I can earn in the future.

4. I want to be involved in everything... except serious relationships and the mafia.

5. Falling in love will be the last thing I would want to probably feel. I'm just not ready for it.

6. I have so many random and shallow "dreams" I wish to accomplish. One of that is to swim in an olympic-sized pool.

7. I'm very practical with money.

8. I had at least one crush on a gay person during the span of my 18-year-old life and I just met him last week.

9. I think I'll really make a good spy.

10. It's either I drink milk or pineapple juice in the morning.

11. There's a 20% out of a hundred for me to have a crush on a "tisoy" guy.

12. I plan my friends' gimmicks. The problem, though, is that when I get critically lazy during that day, I'm the one who won't come to what I planned.

13. I love blueberry cheesecake more than anything!

14. Frustration is in my blood. My father's a frustrated lawyer (he wasn't able to finish his law schooling) while I'm a frustrated photographer as of the present.

15. I dance, I sing. I haven't tried acting yet.

16. Some puppies scare me.

17. Baggy pants are the last things here on earth that I would wear.

18. I hate it when someone downloads too many things at the same time.

19. I'm sweet, not just romantic.

20. I can't live without my friends.

21. I learned Mandarin last year but didn't have the chance to understand it thoroughly.

22. I quit my university's chorale because of too much pressure.

23. I rarely win raffles but when I do, I get lots of things from it.

24. Blogging has been my venting machine.

25. I've been told that I looked like Jolina Magdangal (when I was just a kid... maybe because of my "bibbo" attitude), Jennylyn Mercado and Katrina Halili. All of these, I can't figure out why. Io nce had that "artista" dream when I was young, too!

1 comment:

Kaisa said...

I'm like # 2, too. So much for being fickle-minded. And # 19. :)

Hi Ate Frances! I miss you! :D

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