Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Few photos from a hundred.

The other day was yet another girl bonding time with 5 of my high school friends. A photoshoot, dancing sessions for my friend's debut, Shakey's pizzas and a taste of GSM Blue. It has been an awfully long day of fun and laughter... no doubt.

Finally managed to do a mini hair flip!

Some lamp post I took a shot of when my friend got
her turn during the game we were playing.

Check out this video we made! My friends even had to do impromptu acting during the whole song. Our random choices of songs included "The Climb" and "Shots "at first but then we decided to just have "Flavor of Life" by Utada Hikaru because the first two were so common already.

(c) Jec Canaberal and Frances Lim for the pictures

1 comment:

iSHMOi said...

Been wanting to have a bonggang bonggang hair flip pic, pero di ako magsucceed. lol

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