Monday, May 17, 2010

Cars and the repairs

Cars were never my thing and I wouldn't care more about them. I barely even search the net about the latest ones compared to my friends who are so updated with this topic.

On another note, I'm more interested on how to tinker mechanical objects since one of our cars , a Toyota Camry, is only a second-hand one and usually, my father would take it to the auto repair shop every weekend because it's engine is failing lately. During the first time I ever went there, I was quite fascinated on how these employees of the shop work and one time, when I was a just a kid, I wondered how these things work especially that thing where cars were put and raised in order for the technicians to work on it.

Moving on, this site, RepairPal, which is designed to help car owners understand about their car problems have been, I think, based on my observations on the website, very helpful. And putting endorsements aside, it's very much accessible and to know what I'm talking about: (sorry for the blur! You can visit the site here.)

A wide variety of common cities which has updated contact numbers of various auto repair shops and, of course, the common auto repair problems. When I showed this website to my father when I opened the website the second time around because of Blogvertise, he said, "Okay ah! (This is cool!)" He immediately checked out the "check engine light" which was the most usual car defect we can get these days next to the car doors malfunctioning.

With these repairs that seem to go on every weekend, I advised my father to just buy a new one... perhaps the newest Camry model?

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