Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers to the right, elections to the left

These paper cards the kids made (yes, including me) for our mothers.

This year, Mothers' Day seemed like a rest day for all of us except, well, for those who work in malls and those from COMELEC who are organizing the much-awaited 2010 elections.

Our family had a small celebration of Mothers' Day. The irony, though, was, it was the mothers who prepared our delicious food when it should be practically the fathers and the children who should do them. I didn't take pictures of the food (carbonara, chicken, steak and tiramisu! xD) because of the glutton that took over me. (WHUUZZ)

We visited our grandparents' grave. Yes, grave... ok. I'm missing my grandfather a lot since my grandmother was gone a long time ago already. And as for the evening part, we had to go through the traffic that clogged Mall of Asia. During the long ride, I tried to take a picture of that huge globe-figured thing over there and here was the result: (so much for a globe eh?)

I was slightly fascinated by the result, though, since it was a first time.


This shouldn't be a reason for voters to lose patience, though. It's very touching how the people who're already in the voters' line for 2 or more hours now... it just shows that, in one way or another, we (not only those who are capable of voting today) are knowledgeable of what are country is going through and that we want change.

And since I'm so tired of voicing out my political opinions to my parents, here's an election humor @alexderossi (Alessandra de Rossi, a Filipina actress) retweeted from @kbrosas (another Filipina entertainer).

Is it Villar, Noynoy, Gibo or Gordon? My family says Noynoy, I say Gibo.


iSHMOi said...

Kahit matagal naman yung ipinila nila sa pagboto, mas napabilis naman yugn pagbilang ngayon.

I can't wait for the official result of the election. I'm all for Gordon, but I know he doesn't have a chance. lol.

Anonymous said...

Hay jusko. XD Nakakatawa yung mga usapan natin sa Twitter kagabi Frances, pero at the end of the day we have to accept the new leaders. Let's just hope that they'd do their part responsibly and as the citizens of this country let us also do our part.:)

TERESA:) said...

LMAO sa joke ni K Brosas. =))))

IKR. Ironic how it's supposed to be automated and yet mabagal pa rin. :| Problema nanaman. What's new?

Excited for the results! Finally, a new day is dawning.

Frances said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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