Monday, May 17, 2010

Excuse the fangirl.

(top) The four of us: Glenda, me, Aly and Jamie
(bottom) With me are Aly and Glenda

I never thought a KPop gathering would be so much fun-filled especially if it's a first time.

Last Saturday, my friends and I went to our first ever gathering, one that was organized by the U-Kiss' fan base here in the country, KissMePH. The gathering's purpose, mainly, was to unite all U-Kiss fans all over the country before First Kiss, the very first concert of U-Kiss. KPop fans here are really lucky that they choose the Philippines instead of Korea as the venue of the concert.

The program did not start immediately at 1 PM, the proposed start time, but it was a time for the fans, like my friends and I, to view the booths present there who, at the same time, were selling KPop stuff. There were these big posters of each of the members and fans were just crazy to take pictures of themselves with it.

At around 2PM, the hosts of the event had games and icebreakers. Aly and I joined one of the games which was the infamous "Pinoy Henyo." We were the fourth team to play it and Aly was made to guess "NH Media" (U-Kiss' entertainment company). At first, everybody (we had eyes to see everyone's anxious expressions. Haha!)
Aly: Tao ba 'to?
Frances: Nope (it wasn't just a person but a group of people, I thought)
Aly: Grupo ng mga tao?
Frances: YES! (imagine my face when she asked that! Anticipating to win the game)
Aly: NH Media?
Frances: OO! OO!
She guessed it for 12 seconds! As winners, we got a CD and a button pin.. each. The program went on for more hours. Song and dance contests were part of it.

1 The U-Kiss CD that we won during the "Pinoy Henyo" game. (The pin isn't in the picture.)
2 The U-Kiss shirt that I won from the raffle.
3 Gathering ticket
4 The bookmark with Ki Seop in it (the guy who gave the lootbag was just nice!)
5 The lootbag where the freebies were put.
6 Pin that was included in the lootbag.
7 Some card that was like a "thank you" card which was given to us.

And so, moving to the highlight of that day... we made a shoot for a video that's supposed to be sent to U-Kiss in Korea! How awesome was that? It started with my friend's friend who works in PEP. He asked her to produce some ideas on how the video would go and we're just all game for it that we immediately thought of some concept. So watch out for the video! Teehee. I just don't know if they're gonna post it or something before the concert.

Frankly, though, I didn't feel any confident that day because of that monthly visitor but that video was such an opportunity to have more "exposures" (MEHGANUN?) so screw it! This is for U-Kiss!

Oh, and by the way, if you still don't have tickets yet for the concerts, call Ticketnet now @ 911-5555! I wouldn't post those ticket prices here... what's the website for!

PS: Lookie who got her Super Junior photobook already!

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Anonymous said...

Yay Frances!:D Kahit hindi ko man gets yan (since hindi naman ako KPop fan, haha) alam ko namang masaya ka, eh di masaya rin ako! Hehe. :D

At yung Super Junior photo book thing nga pala dun sa picture, mukhang mahal! D: Pero syempre alam ko namang gagastusan mo yun dahil fan eh. (I know how it feels, hahahaha XD)

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