Monday, May 4, 2009

Of Human Despair, Grief & Happiness

I thought of my lost wallet again. It makes me wanna say fuck.
But seriously, I don't know why I feel this way towards that lost thing. It's very disturbing especially during those times when early in the morning when that topic enters my mind. What the hell, where did that come from exactly?

Let me see. there are pictures there. Well not the significant pictures. I define significant as something... wag na nga, I have a long list eh. Moving on, there are the ID's. The only f*cking ID's I have!! The Timezone and whatever-game-arcade-card I had, it vanished into thin air with my heart-designed wallet (HAHA. Yikes!) given to me by Mich. Also my graduation pictures! Oh well, at least, pag nakarating yun sa ABS-CBN or GMA bahala na sila doon. And some memorable stuff. Will I ever find it again? Tsaka yung payong nawawala. PLEASE, Lord.

(Just a random photo of moi.)

On August, hopefully, I'm gonna learn so much of Korean for I will have lessons. I don't know how much exactly it would cost but I'm desperate (kind of) to learn it! Speaking of Korean, we were with this boatman in Laguna and when we got off the boat (we came near Pagsanjan Falls), he suddenly spoke some alien language and I knew he was talking to me.

Boatman: *alien language*
Me: Ano po? (I'm more than clueless of what he was talking about)
Carlo: ((: Kuya, taga-Pilipinas yan.
Boatman: Marunong pala 'to mag-Tagalog! Akala ko Koreana ka. Kamukha mo kasi yung mga nandito kanina eh (He was referring to the Koreans who just left the place)
Me: AY. Ano ba yan!

Yeah, right. Me, a Korean? D:
So I'm watching Super Junior videos in YouTube again and I never get tired of watching them! :D Too bad they didn't win in the Music Bank last April 10.

희철's the man!
He'll make you laugh 'til your stomach aches :))

He's (Heechul) also the babe :-j

And it's 기범 who I really like most :">

This ends my post! :">
I gotta ruuuun, yeah? Vroom!

PS: I love this layout! It gave me a feeling of achievement.
PPS: Go to this site:


♥AVA NICOLÉ♥ said...

aww..sorry that you lost your wallet..asar yung ganun..especially if you had significant things in it. ganun din ako with my kikay got stolen:( hayy. had my rosary there given by my wubie..tapos lesportsac! haha:P

with the korean..enjoy your upcoming lessons and good luck!:D

nice layout!:)

Patty said...

I also have a lost wallet, and a bunch of grade schoolers stole it. I know because I lost it in a bathroom while I was changing clothes in school, and there were a bunch of kids inside who left when I got out of the cubicle. Oh well.

I guess we learned out lessons :))

Tinaii said...

Awww. I never lost my wallet but I know that it sucks. Madalas ko maiwala mobile phone ko dati :(

I like your layout, so white :D

Pamelaa said...

Natawa ako dun sa boatman. Haha.
Oh sorry for the lost wallet. Actually, nawalan narin ako ng wallet e. Ninakaw.. sa classroom! I don't know who the thief was but I'm pretty sure taga-ibang section. Buong pouch ko kinuha, andun pa naman mp3 ko tas yung susi ng bahay pati yung Cards-whatever ko. Ayun, masakit din sa pakiramdam. Kainis nga e.
Sana mahanap mo padin. Kahit yung IDs lang ibalik, okay na yun.

the88love said...

Aww.. I feel for ya. I lost my wallet once.. actually someone took it. I had this backpack kasi with side pockets tapos nasa side pockets yung wallet ko and ang dali lang kasi buksan nun.

Timing pa na may sale nung time na yun so imagine the people crowdsurfing the bookstore. Damn, then when I was about to pay, my wallet was out of sight na. D: I didn't take the matter lightly, I cried! :| :|

I hope you find your missing stuff sooon.. and IDK sa wallet, don't put sentimental/impt stuff on it next time alright? I don't feel comfortable putting photos and things aside from money and cards sa wallet ko..

Have fun sa Korean lessons mo. :P

Frances said...

@Ate AvaLosing stuff sucks big time! D:
Woah. Lesportsac pa! Sayang!

Thanks times two. Haha :D

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