Friday, May 15, 2009

I Also Have These Times

I just have to blurt it out: my cousin's fucking pissing me off!

Everytime we talk to our aunt in Skype, he's also telling this and that about me. I mean, what the fuck. I don't want the attention, his attention. He even said that I even Plurk, Multiply whatever shit there is all about me all the time and I'm not exaggerating. He's not even my... whatever, nevermind. It's so irritating. No make that MORE THAN IRRITATING, like the worst thing on earth, even worse than shit. (Grammatically speaking, there isn't a worse than worst but please allow me to use my freedom of expression, thank you.) Like he knows everything I'm doing, like he knows everything. Assuming.

I can't help myself but to tell these. He's only eight years old, I know, but I don't really like the attention I'm getting from my family. It's like everyone's watching my every move. When I'm at their house, he's always following me around: everytime I go upstairs and basta, everywhere. Can't he at least get a hint of independency and originality like I always had since I was a kid? Nakakaasar talaga! For example, I wanted a Converse as a gift and then he suddenly blurted out that he also wants a Converse! I have an iPod, he wants one. I have a PSP, now he wants one.

What I also don't like about that kid is that he doesn't know how to listen everytime. I know our family is a group of stubborn people but I can't really stand him. I'm 17 years old and he's turning 9 on November. By. The. Way. I'm sorry I ain't to mature to handle this. Nobody can't stand him consistently and what I mean by that consistency is that they cannot ignore him all the time. Someone's also telling me I should punch him. I'm kidding.

HAH. I feel better now after I have said these things. But I feel a little bit bitchy.
My blog is the only place I can express my feelings since I don't have any diaries with me. I know I should me more mature than my maturity right now but please.


About my layout: I've modified some things. I put the Haloscan comments instead of the Blogspot one because I wanted to (it's found down the blog title and the date. I'd really love to receive comments!); I put the links all together in one set rather than that of the free-whatever-link-system that is; I made my name MUCH MORE VISIBLE compared to what I used to have.

I just watched two movies: The Fight Club and Daddy Long Legs.

The Fight Club is a 1999 movie based from Chuck Palanhuik's book of the same title. The movie was mainly of fighting. Some parts may be confusing so I suggest if you watch this movie, go to for the summary and then you'll realize it isn't so much puzzling! Plus, Brad Pitt's there! I'm telling you about Brad because it might interest you.

The second movie of the day, Daddy Long Legs. Like any Korean drama, someone had to die. Literally, it's genre is drama. I'm starting to like Ha Ji Won!

"Probably the difference between man and the monkeys is that the
monkeys are merely bored, while man has boredom plus imagination."

- Lin Yutang

(너라고) It's You Drama Version

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