Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fangirling on the Next Episode.

I'm tired of sitting.
I'm tired of bulging my eyes out in front of the laptop.
I'm tired of this whole boring routine.
I'm tired of typing.
I'm tired of decisions.
I'm tired of boredom.
I'm tired of waiting.
(I'm tired of hearing 'The Climb')
I'm just plainly tired.
And I have to get a life now.
Maybe go to college.

So basically I'm bored as in major. I'm anxious about college, all those emotions mixed up! As of those people who don't know what new world I'm gonna enter, it's the University of Asia and the Pacific also known as University of Abundant Papers (Anna M.), University of Armani and Prada (Dani) but it's all UA&P and it's in Ortigas. I wonder why I'm so excited about it. New people, new corridors, dudes (I went to an all-girls school, FYI) and a new schedule makes the difference.

Before college officially enters our lives, good luck to my batchmates here:
Arli (MAPUA), Ceejae (UPD), Elai (Ateneo de Cagayan),
Jue (San Pedro College of Davao City), Pamela (UST) & Patty (DLSU)
Pardon me for those I forgot to include here. I'm not sure if you're going to college already :P

Frankly, one thing I'm excited about UA&P is meeting oriental people. Yeah, oriental not tropical or whatever. And my future! Ohmygolly, I can't wait to see my future in that school. I want to end up working in Singapore or HongKong or anywhere but... Since I'm talking about college right now, I'll have a recap of what results I got from the hardships of being a senior.

HAHAHA. This is cuh-razy.

De La Salle University

University of Santo Tomas

The best result =)) FAIL! =))
Seriously, I can't get over it.
I laugh everytime I think of it.

Now that I'm one a different path than of my friends who's going to study in UST & DLSU, I'm most definitely the one who's left out. Then maybe, I'm just really different from them. Or not.

I am a rule, not an exception. How sad.

- Anna M on Twitter

(I still have to pass my shit for my medical exam :|)

PS: I'm having a new blog!

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