Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Eh, Eh, Eh, Eh, Eh, 2NE1

공민지, 박산다라, CL, 박봄
(CL is the leader; Gong Minzi is only 15 years old, btw;;)

After many months, weeks, days and hours finally 2NE1's single "FIRE." Park Bom's voice is to love. And OMG, Dara's like the female T.O.P! I love the her part, the fire-coming-out-of-her-hands. This group surely is the female Big Bang but Big Bang itself should have a comeback already.

And yes, the girl second from the right is Sandara Park if you don't know by now. I feel happy for her because at least, she was able to redeem herself. Like some of you, I used to hate her... well not exactly hate but I just don't like her. She's better off in Korea if she wanna sing than here.

FIRE's the is on repeat mode since
Sorry, Sorry
(슈퍼주니어), Gee (소녀시대) & Tell Me (원더걸스).

"I'm gonna drop it like it's hot."

So much for an LSS, eh? Try to listen to it too ;;)
For the meantime, it's quotes time!

"Yes, sadness is only temporary. But what hurts is, it attacks frequently."

"How do you know if you're valued?

It's when people do things for you not because they have to, but because they really want to see you happy."

" 'I Love You' :
A warning;
An interruption;
A plea for attention;
A justification;
A reminder;
A trap;
A disguise;
A revelation;
A way of saying nothing;
A way of summarizing everything;
A surrender;
An opening;
An end."


jue said...

it's good that sandara made her career in korea, because if she's here, i will surely hate her, singing some tagalog songs. haha

kcasti said...

sa SNN fineature siya some time last week. haha. oh well. i have to agree with jue. if she really made a move to continue acting/singing here in the philippines, i'll hate her. gaaaah. the personality she puts in her acting career is just not fit in our culture. though comical yung dating nya.

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