Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dinner at Sunrise

The infamous Sunrise Buckets: the online craze about this restaurant and it left me wondering what was this restaurant was all about. Sure, it's that restaurant with "delectable" and "yummy" chicken specialties --- of plain ones in actual buckets and in burgers as the patties --- these bloggers have continuously raved about. I just had to try it myself in their The Grove branch. :) Too bad I wasn't able to taking a photo of that section where they placed blogger write-ups!

Just to add a little sharing, our family was never fond of eating burgers, pasta and fries. Well, excluding ramen and other Asian noodles for the pasta part. So to try something out of the ordinary for us, we decided to eat here for a change.

The restaurant wasn't as big as I thought it to be. Nonetheless, it didn't fail to give the chill-sa-aking-duyan vibes. Let's have a "tour", shall we? 

Look to the left... 

And straight ahead, you'll see their counter as it is a self-service type of restaurant.

Here's what you'll see when, after ordering, you go to the rightmost side of the restaurant.

Haha, if only...

What we ordered, on a tissue.

As usual, father ordered a mug of coffee before his meal.

Jack Daniel's Porkchops. I commend the sauce!!

Crispy Chicken Poppers, Single. My parents never preferred anything spicy so...

My burger cravings just had to end, a Buffalo Chicken Burger for me! 

There were less options than their other branch (Madison Square, Greenhills), though. Other meals like those included in the Day Starters and the rest of the Off Shore Meals, in which Jack Daniel's Porkchops is a part of, were still to come soon at this branch.

Although the burger I ordered was too overwhelming, I'm glad I still managed to have a taste of what my parents have ordered. Their Jack Daniel's Porkchops, again, are the best ever! Oh, minus the alcohol for that. Next time I eat there, I'll probably get their chicken poppers with Jack Daniel's sauce. 

Sunrise Buckets
The Grove by Rockwell
117 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. (C5), Barangay Ugong, Pasig City 

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