Friday, July 27, 2012

Coming Home to Mandaue Foam

It's that old saying, "love begins at home."

Everytime we go home, there's surely the tendency to feel extremely tired from a long day of work, either it's the parents who go to office or the children from school. And, everytime we go home, there's that yearning feeling of wanting to be relaxed and feel refreshed.

Good thing there's Mandaue Foam! Mandaue Foam is one of the top home stores in the Philippines known for its reputation of providing really good quality products.

Back in the day, my parents would choose Mandaue Foam for our mattresses because of the comfort that it gives to us. Browsing through their website, I found quite a number of mattresses available and what caught my attention the most is the memory foam mattress. It's very important for each one of us to get the most number of hours we can possibly acquire to be able to function properly throughout the day. Well, I know oversleeping should be avoided but with this mattress and its premium feature, I think that's quite impossible. ;)

You probably would've guessed by now that my most favorite hobby is sleeping. Frankly, I can sleep anywhere! Also, I really love that close-to-nature feeling while at home since I consider it the best therapy ever --- yes, even more than that delightful massage I'll never hesitate to have. With Mandaue Foam's Aluminium Lounge Bed, from the looks of it, is very relaxing to have in our home. Plus, with that coffee table (I love coffee!!), relaxing is even more delightful!
Last, but not really the least, what I loved from Mandaue Foam's online catalogue are their bookcases. Since I love reading books, I want them to be really organized like, I can get them when I want at any time. Also, I think the edge of the Gregory bookcase from the others is that it can be used as a divider-slash-bookcase with style. 

You see, any home can anything you want it to be. The right furniture, the good feeling and a loving family would make you homesick anywhere you go! Together with Mandaue Foam, there's that relaxing feeling you can easily have, no need to go outside.... it's your home, your imagination. ;) Wanna see more? Click for this video!

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