Monday, June 1, 2009

Commotion. Motion. Ion. On.

The ten things I'm grateful for:

1. God. This is always on top of my list, forever. He's more than the creator but He was the father who cared for us all and showed mercy to me despite the unexplainable forms of sins I've made.

2. My family. I wouldn't be here, blogging and posting silly things, if my parents didn't decide to get married and do it. I'm most specially grateful for that. The material things, which, presently, seems to be the most important things, today... they've given me. More than what is needed.

3. Personal Friends. No man is an island. A saying that's been used over and over again for the past decades. Objections are not to be made because the people surrounding a person make that individual special and unique. Thank you because, simply, my friends, were there to make me laugh despite my issues.

4. Close relatives. You made my world upside down and crazy.

5. Shops and malls. Clothes are what I needed and you gave it to me. I was hungry and you made me eat. You've provided these until I've got no money.

6. Music. It made my world more colorful and not boring.

7. My Mistakes. Seriously, I should be thanking these 'cos these made me strong and fight. Nothing more, nothing less.

8. Online Friends. You all have made me realize that there's a bigger world out there when I was still in high school and elementary. And guess what? I'm enjoying it. Knowing new friends despite the location and sometimes, a slightly huge age gap.

9. Blogging. Everyday I think of what to blog but suddenly that thing called writer's block hit me. Through these words I say here I express what I feel more and when I had no one, there it was: the thing called blog.

10. Dreams. These are what I hold on to. I have high dreams to pursue and I'm gonna start it on June 10th.


Okay, so. I and my friends went to ASAP '09 last Sunday, June 1, 2009. We had to get there at ABS-CBN at 9:30 AM so we hurried up. At 10:00 we toured around the studios with this cute guy but whatever his name was. Anyway, we had to get to Studio 10 (or is it?) for the show itself and we were given 20 minutes to have snacks. I got so hungry that I was the only one who brought food by myself. As you can see, these were the people I saw at the studios. I found Mariel Rodriguez very pretty and friendly. She was very nervous before her intermission number and was always thanking people if they cheered for her.She and Zanjoe totally look good with each other :"> I really liked Vhong Navarro. Not the like.. crush. He and Billy Crawford just have a very good sense of humor. They were goofing around the stage when the show was about to be over. Rachelle Ann Go's legs were her first feature that I noticed: she's got good skin! John Lloyd? He's not really the kind of a guy I would have a crush on but yeah, I also took pictures for the sake of my friends who's totally into him. HAHA! I was stunned or better yet, starstrucked when I saw Robi Domingo again :"> (First was when our Junior prom which was before he joined PBB). And how can I forget Enchong Dee dee dee baby baby (Ok, I was singing in tune of SNSD's "Gee")? Well... he's handsome. Toni Gonzaga's too pretty and I laughed at Christian Bautista when he began to wear sunglasses... Mataas ba yung araw? :-j

It was a really fun day although I didn't get hangovers or whatever like my friends did. Haha!
(More pictures @ my Multiply ASAP '09)

Tomorrow's gonna be a friends day again. June 3 to 5 are busy days for the freshmen orientation and the 6th!! I'll receive my SuJu CD already! :"> Can't wait And technically speaking, I'll probably be busy this week.

But before I end this one, I'll answer Janica's tag! Thank you! :D

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag 21 friends.
5. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing.
6. Have Fun!

if someone says 'are you okay', you say?
- Don't Leave Me (The All-American Rejects)

how would you describe yourself?
- Tonight (The Jonas Brothers)

what do you like in a guy/girl?
- Making Out (No Doubt)

how do you feel today?
- Circles (Incubus)
Yeah, I feel my eyebags are forming circles
around my eyes. @-)

what is your life's purpose?
- Of Moons, Birds and Monsters (MGMT)

what's your motto?
- I Can Wait Forever (Simple Plan)
Martyr much.

what do your friends think of you?
- Somebody Stop Me (Angela Aki)

what do your parents think of you?
- Hey There Delilah (Plain White T's)
Excuse me? I'm not Delilah.

what do you think about very often?
- In My Arms (Super Junior M)

what is 2 + 2?
- Sparkling (Big Bang)

what do you think of your best friend?
- I Could Break Your Heart Any Day (Mandy Moore)

what is your life story?
- Life On The Moon (David Cook)

what do you want to be when you grow up?
- Strawberry Fields Forever (The Beatles)

what do you think when you see the person you like?
- I Want To Hold Your Hand (The Beatles)

what will you dance to at your wedding?
- Good Girl Gone Bad (Rihanna)

what will they play at your funeral?
- I'll Be (Edwin McCain)

what is your hobby/interest?
- Unforgettable (DBSK)

what is your biggest fear?
- The One (SS501)

what is your biggest secret?
- Please Shine (We Shot the Moon)

what do you want right now?
- Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Guns 'n Roses)

what do you think of your friends?
- Angela (Super Junior)

what will you post this as?
- U Make Me Wanna (Blue)
Sorry, I have a title in mind.

I'm only tagging ten. 21's exhausting.
Ate Ava, Clarence, Ate Ishna, Kaisa, Mariel, Marla,
Pamela, Rachelle, Bianca M and Jue

This made my day last Saturday :">

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