Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love you tomorrow.

(Correction: English I is always until 10:30)

My schedule for the very first term of my college life. It's all orange, obviously... the background, I mean. Haha. So, first off: if you don't know where I'm gonna study starting on Monday, it's in University of Asia and the Pacific, Pearl Drive in Ortigas. Just so you know and! I'm starting it with PE. Why basketball, you may ask? Well, I really don't know. I was expecting that I and my sectionmates would be able to choose our PE but then again, nope that wasn't the case.

I know I'm moving into college already but there are still some issues in our school particularly those that concern the lower batches. One that is about our batch. I should say, this really bad person called lilmissshsian, that's what she calls herself, is spreading some really weird stuff about my batchmates. We already graduated, goddamnit, bitch. She even called one of them a nanny in her face. That lilmissshsian must be so embarrassed by now that my batchmates have proven her wrong. But the point is, she doesn't have to judge everybody else as bad especially the people in my batch and we're already away from the School of the Holy Spirit. Maybe she just couldn't get enough of us, could she? Maybe Gossip Girl has gotten into her head OR she just likes the attention aka KSP.

The second issue. Well, I'd better not talk about it. I'll just say: Respect is earned. Why not start respecting yourselves before karma gets in your way?

Set aside those issues. And I'll share with you my expected college life. In short, my university goals:

Angel, G, Tine, Kaila, Liz and I
(Kaila and Liz were new found friends. Yay \:D/)

Being active in organizations. has always been my dream. I never was once the "active" but more the "silent." Don't get me wrong, I'm not the person who sulks in the corner all day but I'm really self-conscious when talking to people. I started achieving this goal by joining the UA&P Chorale. Last June 17th, I and my friends went to UA&P for the auditions. I was actually really nervous that my jaw kept on shaking. The funny thing was when I was singing my piece, "Reflection," my throat suddenly stopped working or something. You know the "when will my reflection show" part? Well, when I was about to sing "reflection," I suddenly stopped at "reflect." HAHA, nabitin pa. I recovered, fortunately. And just a while ago when I woke up, I received a text message from Ms. Puyat, the moderator, that I passed. (Thank you, Lord!) I know it's a small thing but big things come from small beginnings right? Congratulations to Angel, G & Tine too! Liz didn't pass it, though, but for sure maybe, we're gonna join the dance group next semester.

We changed our names. As you can see, Angel was Leah; G was Gil; Tine was Babz; Liz was Melissa and I... am now Frances =)) Because I was Mer or Brader Mer in high school.

Me: Sali tayo dun sa Squadra 'pag di tayo nakapasa!
Tine: Sige! Sige! Or dun sa... ano ba yun. Uno.. Una?
G: IS-A! Hahahaha!

I suddenly remembered my high school History teacher's quote:

Bakit mataas ang puno ng mangga? For you to aim high, mga anak!

Be a Dean's Lister. A day never passes without this thought crossing my mind. I'm really aiming high this time although I'm unsure of what my attitude will be in the next coming days. Frankly, at night, before I go to bed, I always pray to God to help me not to be lazy anymore and to be more determined. This is so dramatic but it's true!

Get rid of my glasses. No contacts, please. It isn't permanent, though. I'm gonna use my glasses for classes only so that I'll get used to the no-glasses-days in the future.

Learn languages. Last night, I asked a few people in Y!M and Twitter what Asian language is the best: Mandarin, Japanese or Korean. Mandarin got most of the points so I'm planning to study that during the APEC. It's that, isn't it? I read something about that in our Prospectus. Haha! I would really like to learn Korean and Japanese but now, I'm decided of which to take first: Japanese.

Earn money. I'm gonna be money-wise this time! No unnecessary stuff. Promise, I'll keep that one this time.

And so, we're down to the last topic of today's post:


Kuya ko, by the way.

It was fast since Mothers' Day came. I think we're gonna have a pre-Fathers' Day celebration tonight at my aunt's home. It's supposed to be a surprise party so SHHH. Haha! I ain't gonna post something fishy here (UUUUY, cheesy!) because I'm not that kind of person. I'll just say I'm grateful for having a father like him. More than grateful, that is. I'm so much happy that he's always there >:D< style="font-style: italic;">Finally.

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